Ban the Bean

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  1. Ryan Mount says:

    I wonder how long before we have to wear helmets when we drive? Come to think of it, I think some folks should be forced to wear a helmet 24/7.

  2. Barry Pruett says:

    Nicely done Crabb Man…nicely done.

  3. Todd juvinall says:

    I used to smoke and when all the crap started about banning smoking I was against it as a Supervisor. I lost. At the time I said the same thing Crabby has intimated in this cartoon. Now we see no coconut oil in theaters, attempts to ban soda’s in NYC and many other things to protect us from ourselves. Eventually they will require a caloric intake maximum card and it will need to be stamped by the grocery clerk or fast food vendor.

    • gregoryzaller says:

      What do you think of the initiative to require disclosure of GM ingredients in food , Todd? I like it because it allows us to make our own informed decisions. They could have done that in NYC on the soda cups too: “This drink contains 300 calories if it is sweetened with sugar”. I notice they are doing that here on the fast food menu boards. I like to know what I am buying and apparently others do too, or is this a law?

      • Ryan Mount says:

        There’s a difference between disclosure and banning things.

        Cigarettes? Probably a good idea to ban them in public places and/or provide places where people can opt in to doing it together.,603/

      • Todd juvinall says:

        GregZ, disclosure is fine and then we can decide if we want to buy or use it. To ban something because some person from the government says too is my issue. When the cigarette was banned from private businesses even though the business would advertise it allowed smoking was the straw that broke thee back. It was not about health then, it became the test case for government power. If you recall the issue did not move forward until they used second hand smoke as a reason since the waitress in the bar became the ploy as did the “chillin” we would help with the taxes from the cigs. Simply redistribution of wealth. This time from the poorer classes to the rich non profits. What a scam eh?

        • gregoryzaller says:

          There’s plenty of common ground between us on this topic I think, Todd.

          It isn’t like the barmaid has been forced to work in a smoke bar any more than the patrons. On the other hand, though, who pays the medical bills for this person’s smoke related illness? I would say the bar should pay higher workman’s comp rates.

          Do you think that smokers should be required to buy insurance as a condition of purchasing cigarettes so nonsmokers and society don’t end up with the bill? Smoking is a lot like driving a car and has inherent risks. People should take responsibility for themselves.

          • Todd juvinall says:

            GregZ, if you have tried to purchase medical insurance or even life insurance, you get to pay a higher premium if you smoke. The barmaid probably has employer paid insurance but if not, she is responsible for her own. I recall billions being spent on AIDS in the 80’s and 90’s and I never heard one word about the terrible thing of everyone paying for their care. It is a matter of PC I guess.

          • Greg Goodknight says:

            GZ, smokers have lower lifetime medical costs than non-smokers.

            Everyone dies sometime, and about half your lifetime medical costs, which escalate as you get older, are incurred for your last illness.

            A disease that kills you at age 65 is cheaper for society than the eight diseases that finally gang up on you at age 95. Plus there’s all that Social Security savings when someone has the decency to die when FDR expected them to.

            We should thank smokers for taking one for the team.

          • Judith Lowry says:

            “I recall billions being spent on AIDS in the 80′s and 90′s and I never heard one word about the terrible thing of everyone paying for their care. It is a matter of PC I guess.”
            TJ, please expand on this statement.
            To whom are you referring when you say “their”?

  4. PeteK says:

    As long as I don’t have to pay higher Insurance/health care premiums to cover the costs for those who wish to partake in an unhealthy lifestyle I’m for legalizing everything. “stupid is as stupid does”-Forest Gump

    • Judith Lowry says:

      Hear, hear Pete.
      If you want to carry excess body weight, it’s your burden, not anyone else’s.
      If you wish to smoke, don’t look to others to pay your bills if your habit results in expensive medical care.
      Plus, I love Steve Martin’s old joke, “Do you mind if I smoke?” “No, do you mind if I fart?
      On the other hand, we are all exposed to toxins and we all take some sort of risk.
      So, by all means, will someone open up a second story smoker’s club?
      I believe McGee’s second story is not occupied.
      A bit of chill zone remodeling, air filters, flat screen, booze bar, couches, balcony, win-win!

      • Todd juvinall says:

        I thought we were all in this together? Isn’t a progressive a compassionate person? Heck, why would you toss the injured to the side of the road simply because you decide they are living a lifestyle you consider unhealthy? Quite a conundrum ain’t it?

        • gregoryzaller says:

          Admittedly it could get complicated trying to figure out whether someone should or shouldn’t pay for the cost of their illness. Then the next problem is whether they can or can’t pay. If can pay then they couldn’t afford it and if they couldn’t pay they would just get CMSP and go to the emergency room.

        • Judith Lowry says:

          TJ: I thought we were all in this together?
          JL: Nope, guess again
          TJ: Isn’t a progressive a compassionate person?
          JL: What ever gave you that idea?
          TJ: Heck, why would you toss the injured to the side of the road simply because you decide they are living a lifestyle you consider unhealthy?
          JL: Because it suits me.
          TJ: Quite a conundrum ain’t it?
          JL: For who?

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