Everybody Needs A Little Stimulus

One side effect of the precautions initiated by COVID-19 has been a dramatic drop in cases of your average influenza, unless you buy into the notion that masks and distancing don’t do any good. George Rebane certainly believes that we’ve all been snookered by those pesky liberal scientists and doctors and refers us to more credible sources like Dr. Pimple Popper, Dr. Doom, Dr. Mengele and Dr. Suess, who has now become a hero to the right since he was banished for his wartime racism.

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8 Responses to Everybody Needs A Little Stimulus

  1. George Rebane says:

    Wow! You really had to go that far to make your point? I don’t think we’ve been snookered by any “pesky liberal scientists”. It’s only our leftwing contingent that believes in a consensus science which speaks with a single voice. Those of us who have actually worked in science know that is patently false. Fortunately for all of us, science speaks the language of cacophony. It is the politicians who pick and choose the voices of science that serve their agenda, all other voices of science are denigrated and shunned as ‘unscientific’. And the lay people who have bought into the politicians’ agenda are more than happy to embrace such consensus science that not only supports the agenda, but also adds a confirming dimension to their own good judgment on the matter. When politicians bring ‘science’ to bear on an issue, everyone should just take a deep breath, step back, and examine the inevitable second opinions.

    • Chris Peterson says:

      George has such a distorted view of applied intelligence, as if only those with a degree in one particular field or another have any credence on all things within the realm of science. And only a narcissistic fool would attempt to limit the cacophony of science to their own myopic experience.

      Here’s a revelation for ya’, George, every living being on this planet is an experiment in science, every minute of every day. It’s inescapable. And when the overwhelming majority of those who’s degree and work is in the study of a particular scientific field, (which is not yours’), reach a true consensus and agree on experiments performed and validated, and the whole of mankind sees the obvious proof of those studies, then only ignorant fools make the claim that their minority fabrications are the truth and the rest of humanity has it all wrong. Masks and social distancing are saving lives and only an imbecile would argue otherwise.

      In other words, you’re just another pompous ass and an ugly one at that, who’s every word written is born of a natural negativity. Away with you, inconsequential minion of the dark side.

  2. George Rebane says:

    My above comment about science was of a broad general nature that has universal application in the fields that expand knowledge. It is not specific to any one area of science. This notion was apparently a bridge too far for Mr Peterson who had to punctuate his own ‘insights’ with ad hominems.

  3. rlcrabb says:

    George, I’ve been reading your blog for what? Six, seven years? There was a time when I felt there was actually more of a dialogue than a monologue, but anymore it’s just an endless shit train of vitriol against anyone who isn’t up to your specs. When was the last time I heard you or your fanboys say “you make a good point” or “I can agree with you on that” when answering a voice from the other side? Why would I bother being civil to those who treat Paul Emery like a punching bag every day?
    You can trot out your experts and claim that masks are just a way to prepare us for slavery, but I’ll continue to do what has worked for me and mine, and according to my link, many others. And if I get a little pissy it’s because I don’t appreciate your mask debunking campaign.
    Just my uneducated opinion, mind you.

  4. George Rebane says:

    Bob, sorry you have missed all the “you make a good point” and “I can agree with you on that” repartees on RR. But to each his own. And it’s OK by me if you didn’t want to address my reply, even though it was a mighty attempt at a dialogue that is of national import. And speaking of dialogues, I have not seen on any of the leftwing blogs the kind of dialogues of which you speak. None that even exchange opposing positions, never mind the expanded kind that appear daily on RR. A more inviting environment for discourse might help there. I do take great pride in that the number of liberal commenters who see fit to make their voices heard on RR outnumber the conservatives, but not the number of their comments. (Are we having a dialogue?)

  5. Robert Cross says:

    As anyone who has ever posted remarks contrary to the Rebane doctrine already knows, there is NO “you make a good point” and “I can agree with you on that.” Contrary posts are usually first greeted with 4th grade level playground insults from the likes of such intellectual luminaries as Walt and fish (and formerly Todd) followed by ten pounds of rambling verbosity from George that one needs a secret decoder ring to understand. These are the people who still think the election was fraudulent, masks don’t work, and all democrats are the spawn of satan. Facts and truth have no meaning and it is pointless to think there is discussion or that real discussion is even invited. It’s not, they don’t really want to hear anything but their own voices echoing right wing propaganda.

    “I do take great pride in that the number of liberal commenters who see fit to make their voices heard on RR outnumber the conservatives, but not the number of their comments.” Yet another total fabrication. In reality there are only two, or three at the most, so called libtards who post there on a regular basis and most of their comments are statements of fact that counter the absurd positions posited by George et.al. which are quickly dismissed as fake news…end of discussion.

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