He’s All Heart(less)

Here’s a tweet from Nevada County’s latest right wing cheerleader, Eric Christen. If you haven’t heard, Mr. C. is backing a slate of candidates to swing Nevada County’s school board into his camp.

I think we’re about to test whether Nevada County is truly a “blue” county. Stay tuned…

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6 Responses to He’s All Heart(less)

  1. Tom Odachi says:

    Did you see the link from a reader in The Union about him?
    It was an old article from a newspaper in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
    After reading it, this tweet is no surprise.

  2. Chris Peterson says:

    Blue or red, either way there’s no room for assbags like this POS in Nevada County. At a time when we need to double down on our efforts to come together and reach a consensus on all the issues that confront us, we have carpetbaggers like this jerk, roving the countryside seeding more division than ever. And make no mistake, that’s all he offers is division, because nothing he argues for has anything to do with the unity and health of our democratic republic.
    The proof is in imagining him in better times; he’d be standing on a street corner with a sign that says “The End Is Nigh”, and then run out of town for lack of attention. Something tells me that the majority of people showing up to hear him speak in Nevada County, outside of Juvinall and his playmates, will be from out of town.

    That, and he’s not fit to have carried RPG’s purse.

  3. Ken Jones says:

    Mr. Christen is divisive and antagonist. He fits the profile of a Trump-ette. His comments in The Union show him as an angry confrontational man. My hope is the good citizens of Nevada County summarily reject his hatred and desire to divide the county.

  4. Steven Frisch says:

    It appears Mr. Noballs has deleted that Tweet 🙂

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