Hotel Nirvana Silly

Hotel Nevada City487The city council has legitimized AIRBNB type lodging in the city limits. It remains to be seen what regulations will govern the new innkeepers. Nevada City Neighbors, the group headed by former city councilette and planning commissioner Laurie Oberholzer, will certainly continue the fight either in court or on next year’s ballot. Should be interesting to watch…

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  1. Steve Cottrell says:


    Great storyline (and poem). And I bet you’re right –– LO & Co will wage an aggressive fight at the ballot box next year to trash the new ordinance. A lot cheaper than going to court.

    It will, as you say, be “interesting to watch,” so I hope you’ll keep all of us Nevada City expats advised of what’s happening.

    • rl crabb says:

      It’s too bad you couldn’t have been a fly on the wall at the council meeting, Steve. There were some memorable moments. Your old friend, Gregg Schiffner, made an appeal to any council member (but aimed at Evans Phelps) to state whether they had any conflicts of interest that might require not voting on the issue. Phelps was rather flippant about any opposition to the bnb’s and ignored him, and was the swing vote that carried the day. This means that an unelected council member overturned a voter initiative, although Hal DeGraw claims it doesn’t actually do so.
      There hasn’t been an election for city council in what?…Four years now? I have a feeling there will be more interest in running for office this time around.

      • Steve Cottrell says:


        Thanks for the report. Think I’ll go to the archived video of the meeting (on the city website) and take a look.

        Can’t believe Evans actually stayed at the table and voted.

        • Steve Cottrell says:

          The video of that meeting has not yet been posted, so I’ll have to wait until the city catches up on their video archives.

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