Inept V. Insane – June 2021

Watching the antics of our revisionist Republicans, I wonder how far they will go to regain and hold onto the reins of government? I have many Republican friends, many I have known since childhood, but when I see their screeds on the “evil” and “illegitimate” party that happens to be in charge, it becomes all too apparent that we live in totally different realities.

Should they decide to take over by force, will they turn a blind eye to the murder and imprisonment of their once-friends? Will they say it’s unfortunate, but it had to be done?

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4 Responses to Inept V. Insane – June 2021

  1. rlcrabb says:

    George Rebane puts forth his recipe for “reunification” with Democrats in Today’s Union…
    But posts on his blog, “The Evil Party Marches On”.

    • Chris Peterson says:

      I think he’s relying on the fact that his blog is only popular with the Qball crowd, and only the few that can read, at that.

      Right now, we got the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, part two, happening in the Klamath basin. A pair of farmers have put out the word, amped by the Bundy gang, that they’re lookin’ to turn the water back on by force; a confrontation that might just see the firearm fantasy group wetting their pants when the feds actually fire back this time.
      It’s like my vet said of our oldest horse the other day, “I’m afraid she’s forcing us to put her down.” After spending time overseas in the military, I’m really hoping we can avoid the inhumanity of war on our own soil.

  2. RL CRABB says:

    Biden’s peace overtures have thus far yielded zip, and with two of his own senators standing in the doorway the progressive agenda has ground to a halt. Infrastructure? Not without revenue, and the two sides are miles apart. Green New Deal? Beyond what Biden can do with executive orders, it’s dead in the water. Police reform? Not with skyrocketing crime rates. Voting rights? Even that seems unlikely.
    And each passing day brings us closer to 2022 and the very real possibility that Congress will flip once again.
    If that happens, the call for revolution may be coming from the left hand.

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