Laughable Legislation

Med Mary J603The old guard is desperately trying to hold back the coming tsunami with Measure W, restricting grows to heavily regulated indoor operations.  They may win the battle, but they are destined to lose the war. Marijuana will be legal in California.

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2 Responses to Laughable Legislation

  1. Steve Frisch says:

    Um…totally right on man! Why the hell are we spending all of this time, money and energy on voting on something in June that we are voting on again and likely to functionally overturn in November? The wise course would have been for the County to wait for the state election then craft an ordinance that complies.

  2. Chris Peterson says:

    Same story up here: a citizen-initiated state referendum was resoundingly passed legalizing marijuana, with wordage that made it clear that it could not be used to change medical pot in any way, (something we’ve had for a few years). The legislature added an addendum which was supposed to give counties time to set up their particular ordinances to comply, but instead, the rural areas, which are conservative and against the measure, have used it every which way possible to curtail both free market AND medical pot laws already on the books.
    But you’re right; eventually they will lose, and in the meantime, it is the previously illegal growers who are being given the ability to adjust. And with the DEA admitting recently that pot does indeed have medical applications, it’s only a matter of time before pot is taken off the Sched. 1 list, and then, all hell will break loose.

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