Let The Market Rule

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  1. Chris Peterson says:

    One of the most profoundly absurd idioms that I’ve heard for decades from conservatives is, “Let the market decide.” This, while in plain sight of all, we pay billions in subsidies to keep commodity prices deceitfully low. Oil, milk, crops, drugs, and a myriad of other commodities which are highly profitable suck much needed capital from our future and take our tax dollars away from those areas where start ups and research is sorely needed.
    Some would point to Solyndra; it’s seed grant and it’s ultimate failing, for reasons to not spend on speculative ventures. But that singular company was less than 2% of the total spent on solar start up companies and the rest are reaping billions in revenue and creating thousands of jobs.
    So, subsidies, themselves, are not the problem; older and outdated areas of investment are and they’re holding us back while the rest of the world charges into the future, leaving us a top rated scientific nation with a second rate economic plan.

    And, by the way, Oregon grew so much pot that we had to open our borders to trade with our neighbors, or choke on our own smoke. This is one place where you can’t sell your high-priced weed.

  2. rl crabb says:

    Sacramento thought they were going to get rich off pot. Like most growers, they are learning it ain’t so easy.

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