My old friend Chris Peterson once told me that the wind doesn’t blow in Nevada County, it sucks. And this last week sucked mightily, thanks to the efforts of the conspiracy-inclined followers of QAnon. Nevada County seems to attract elements from both extremes, but this time we managed to go viral with a story that originated from the dark recesses of the righteous right resistance.

Interesting that our local far right blogs have been silent on the subject. Over at Rebane’s, all the talk is centered around the usual suspects: the disloyal press, left wing mental illness, Ragheads under the bed, The Donald’s brilliant foreign policies, Dr. Seuss died for our sins, and of course, “lock her up!” It’s as if they somehow missed a local political event that has captured headlines the world over.

You’d think our MAGA boys would be congratulating themselves on how the alert Forces Of Good saved the the clueless Grass Valley Charter School from Jihad Jim Comey and his Taliband of Terror. Somewhere, in a concrete-reinforced bunker (also known as mom’s basement), a True Believer saw the message  from “Q” (alias Trump) in the bowl of alphabet soup he was having for lunch. This unheralded patriot then googled the letters, saw that they corresponded to our little school, and immediately called in the troops.

Certainly, that person deserves the Medal of Freedom and a Big Mac, should his or her identity ever be revealed.

But it would be out of character for that crowd to brag about their victories. As former redneck resident Dick Marshall used to say, “Real greatness doesn’t need a legacy.”


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  1. Robert Cray says:

    The Rebane set has indeed been remarkably silent about the collapse of their latest and greatest right wing conspiracy. After Jade Helm, Pizza Gate, and now QAnon one would think the great white warriors might be just the slightest bit contrite and stick with harassing the left wing geese who poop on their well-watered lawns, and complaining about a youthful audience who had the nerve to attended a comic book movie while the elder Rebane’s sniffed and peered through rhinestone rimmed opera glasses. Let them have their adult laps.

  2. rl crabb says:

    Still not one word about the QAnon incident from Rebane, Bessee, Idaho Scottie, Greggie, Fishy and Toddy. It’s pretty obvious they’ve bought into the whole scheme, but are too chickenshit to admit it in public. Why not, guys? You’ve promoted the Obama birth certificate conspiracy for years. Why not swallow the rest of your half-baked turd pie?

    • fish says:

      Still not one word about the QAnon incident from Rebane, Bessee, Idaho Scottie, Greggie, Fishy and Toddy.

      Wow! You really got us RL …..Qanon was such a huge deal that doing a search at Rebanes returns precisely zero results! If you have a specific citation though I’m happy to address my part in it.

      • RL CRABB says:

        I think you already have, scaly one. This “nothing” local story that affected quite a few people and was headline news in the Bee, Chronicle, Huff Post, Guardian and scores of other news outlets didn’t register a single response at Conservatarian Central Command. No statement of support for law enforcement’s Go Fund Me efforts. Nada. Nuttin’. Crickets. Since this craziness emanates from people who believe Trump is some kind of messiah, I can only conclude that right wingers are too embarrassed to acknowledge such activities or they are part of the movement.
        So let me know when you come up with some evidence of the worldwide Clinton child slavery pizza ring, or the crisis actors staging massacres to erode support for the NRA, or Jim Comey’s coded tweets.

        • Chris Peterson says:

          Me thinks the fish doth stink too much. After your two posts wondering why they are obviously distancing themselves from the fundraiser fiasco, the weak flipper comes forward to proclaim their innocence. Could it be that the local conservative brain trust was playing with political matches, started a fire of their own making, and are now laying low to avoid blame?

          All except fish, of course, who couldn’t help himself, like the weak member of a bad guy movie gang who ends up spilling the beans. “We didn’t say nuthin’, and you can’t prove it.” Classic.
          Fess up, boys, and pay the school their $25K.

          • fish says:

            This “nothing” local story that affected quite a few people and was headline news in the Bee, Chronicle, Huff Post, Guardian and scores of other news outlets didn’t register a single response at Conservatarian Central Command.

            Again RL what would you have “us” say. No mention of Qanon was made at Rebanes except for me trolling the empty skull of Doug Keachie!

            But whatever, something happened and blame must be placed so you boys knock yourselves out!

            Chris……do humanity a favor and smoke a pistol! I’ll make sure you get a nice writeup in the locals.

  3. Chris Peterson says:

    Sorry, I’ve been a bit preoccupied with the actions of our Democratic supermajority here in the Oregon legislature. They’re trying to circumvent our state Constitution, which was amended by popular vote in 2000 after being passed initially by referendum in 1980, and basically says that when we grossly overpay our taxes, the excess is returned to the taxpayers. This years “kicker” amounts to $1.4 billion and the Democrats in Salem have proposed keeping half of it for their own projects. Hopefully, we can nip that in the bud.

    By the way, the wind sucking comment was one that I learned overseas. Doc could have explained where it came from, as it was to Nam what “Kilroy was here” was to WW2. Unlike you, a lot of my stuff is not all that original.

  4. fish says:

    Oh shit……

    “Penn Valley Rodeo Parade canceled”

    Qanon told me to cause this…….!


    • Chris Peterson says:

      Just a side note, Bob. I thought you didn’t allow anonymous contributions. You probably know who this “fish” guy is, but unless he’s in the witless protection program, he needs to be outed. I mean, we have no idea if we’re arguing with a third grade kid from Sac, or someone we grew up with who used to get picked on for his lil’ weaner in PE and now has it out for us all.

      No big deal, but I’d hate to find out that I’d been communicating with a known pedophile or the next school shooter. (He doesn’t sound all that stable.) And if, Thor forbid, he’s a person who holds a position that could be socially embarrassing to be revealed, all the more reason for him to put up or STFU.

      If the President can unabashedly say and do dumb shit every day in full view of the world, who is this guy to hide his name on a blog?

      • rl crabb says:

        “Fish” is one David Larson. Why he chooses to identify as a fish is a mystery. We can only hope someday he might evolve and crawl up out of the primordial sea to join the world of us enlightened humans.
        Or at least us confused schmucks.

        • Kenneth Jones says:

          Bob and Chris
          The fish is just another coward conservative that doesn’t contribute to a dialogue but trolls others to disrupt dialogue. I’m sure he will copy and paste the posts here on Rebane’s rag with his typical level of pettiness. The skin of the fish is very thin as he resorts to a nasty “smoke a pistol” retaliation. He mixes well with The Rebane cadre.

  5. Steven Frisch says:

    Ha! Fish thinks the participants at Rebane’s need to actually quote QAnon to be associated with the ideas of QAnon! How quaint.

    Fish you guys over there were QAnon before some smart web based entrepreneur rolled all the bat shit crazy conspiracy theory nonsense you all buy hook line and sinker together into a single hypothetical, all encompassing, unified theory of right wing everything mush, in order to sell T-shirts and trucker hats.

    I am relatively convinced that QAnon is actually a loosely networked left wing group infiltrating 8chan, using the same tactic used by European anarchists to satirize and sow dissent by collectivizing comment under a single anonymous entity, organized to serially satirize the 30% of Americans who think like the reactionaries who gather at places like Rebane’s.

    Oh, and sell hats to rubes to subsidize the hobby.

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