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6 Responses to Selfiography

  1. Michael Anderson says:


    Mark Twain is more than spinning, he is re-evaluating his entire tube rotor strategy:

    I noticed over at Rebane’s clown circus they are trying to pin some made-up spy crimes on Susan Rice, America’s former NSA. It’s so funny how our local racists, mysogynists, bigots, and Luddites can’t seem to accept a black person and a woman in that position. Sad and bad!

    Whenever I need guidance in how to grok idiots like fat_fish, oberfunster, dirt-eater, juvenile_delinquent, terrible georgie, goodknight_paper-badges, bonnie & her indefatigable don-bessee clyde, and Bill Tozer the Deplorable, among other hilarious malcontents, I review my dog-eared copy of “Gulliver’s Travels,” a wonderful reference to satire done proper and correct.

    They grok very nicely once you apply that mask. We always hope and pray they get the help they so desperately need. Meanwhile, Syrian kids get gassed and idiot presidents run with scissors, and the nepotism-help just come up with whatever they can pull out of their magic hats. Thank God for Nikki Haley going rogue, filling a vacuum.

    As of today I will give this show a 5, which is halfway between 1 and 10. Thus far I like the stupidity, ineffectiveness, and criminality of the Trump presidency because it is immensely entertaining, but there is also the terribly overhanging reality that the Trump crime family has no clue how the world works, other than how to build stupid buildings with its progenitor’s name in big letters, and this could get us into some real trouble.

    North Korea, Syria, Yemen…yikes.

    Michael A.

    • fish says:

      I had one of my patented fish responses to your latest Michael Anderson Special loaded up and ready to go……and then I thought…..nahh….Michaels a nitwit but at least he’s an entertaining nitwit. I get that it has to be jarring mentally to maintain the cool, hip, façade of humble bragging your love of Burning Man and tossing around lingo like “Grok” while needing to suppress your barely concealed longing for the exercise of naked state authority against those with whom you disagree politically! Tough for a brother to keep it real under those circumstances eh Michael (Of course it does beg the question why a guy who would seemingly be much happier residing in the suburbs of Virginia with the other agents would pick an open air day care for socialist geriatrics like Nevada City in which to make his home.)

      I did want to address your one point though regarding Susan Rice and I want you to make an earnest attempt to power through the usual cognitive dissonance to consider my point. Let me say from the outset that you making it about race is not unexpected but beneath you. If a person at a comparable level in government but who played for the other team …..a Condi Rice for example…..had done something similar and used the NSA for obvious political reasons can you honestly admit that you wouldn’t be in a full Michael Anderson lather over that right now? Don’t make it about race Michael….once you do that you get to take the “easy road”, the road that doesn’t require an honest discussion. I know you Michael…..honesty is your hallmark….it’s what defines you!

      Anyway….that’s all I have this morning! I appreciate you taking some time away from picking the furniture and drapes for your new Kommandants office in the re-education camp to hash this out with me!

      PS: …..bruce morrow……Cousin Brucie……really?!

  2. rl crabb says:

    Mark Twain has stopped spinning in his grave. Now he’s just lying there thinking, “How the fuck did this cartoon end up being about Susan Rice?”

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