The Elixir Of Eternal Life

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  1. Michael Anderson says:

    It’s a damn shame RBG didn’t retire during Obama’s last term so the seat could have been saved…sorry Earl, Keith’s hemoglobin has mutated such that it only conveys nicotine. It will kill her. But maybe that’s a good thing, all the smart women (and their smart bros) who want the gov’t to butt out of their reproductive organs will move from red states to blue states. A huge win in a roundabout way.

    Unfortunately, pols from the Democratic Party are dumb like RBG, such as when Clinton didn’t resign so that Gore could have a year as president to lock in another 2 Democratic Party terms. Hence we got 9-11, the illegal Iraq War, and the Great Recession. Stupid dem hubris.

    Now that Don’s in office, it’s pretty much assured that the Supremes will go full monty on getting rid of Roe v. Wade, among other decisions that will prove that human evolution does sometimes actually go backwards. Interesting times indeed.

    The most heartening part of all of this is how California is positioning itself in an all-out war with Washington D.C. My money is on California winning this battle, since our state more closely reflects the most highly-evolved countries on the planet than the other 49 states. That and the 10th & 14th Amendments.

    I got a huge big league kick out of our good friend George Rebane’s commentary on KVMR tonight talking about the poor Democratic Party not having any plans for the future, and in particular when he said that “most Americans don’t want a brave new world created under the gov’t gun that forces us to accept…50-year-old transgendered men to share a bathroom with little kindergarten girls.” As he wrote that I’m sure George felt a powerful thrill going up his leg.

    As these tired old white men, like Don and George, are put to pasture with shrinking hands and feet, the somewhat invisible, yet youthful, Democratic Party bench will emerge. They are there if you care to look, but you can’t see them if you’re spending all of your time in the lower end of your alimentary canal.

  2. Stronzo says:

    I think it would be wise of the Dems to move forward on approving Gorsuch for the bench seat as soon as possible. There is little doubt in my mind that one of the most sued men in history has a deep disdain for anyone in a robe, though the stories of him parading the halls of the WH late at night in his own are probably spot on. I firmly believe that the list of names for the position was handed him by an outside source during the campaign, and that he has no knowledge whatsoever of Judge Gorsuch’s record. I also believe that Gorsuch is probably the least hardline of the names he had to choose from. He certainly is of the three names considered in the run up to his nomination.
    So, move on it Dems, before Gorsuch once again publically gags on the words of the Orange Mussolini, and he decides to echo the words so cherished by his fawning minions:” You’re fired”, and save your ammo for the real battle to come; the Ginsberg enigma.

  3. rlcrabb says:

    It’s too bad Keith Richards pulled a knife on Trump back in the good ol’ daze. He might have been in line for the gig should Ruth Croak.

  4. Greg Goodknight says:

    An NPR broadcast a few nights ago had a law professor describing Gorsuch as a Jeffersonian textualist… exactly the sort of jurist I hoped Trump would nominate and appoint. Like Scalia, only from the Jeffersonian restrained government, not the Hamiltonian strong central government, side.

    We need fewer social justice warriors on the Supremes… social justice determinations need to be as the constitutional convention designed: in the legislative and executive branches, not judicial. The SCOTUS needs to focus on the words and the existing law, not finding an improved sense of justice shared by 5 unelected jurists with lifetime jobs. The House can get spanked within two years of any outrage, the Senate takes six years for all the usual suspects to get what they might deserve as decided by the rabble.

    There are more Democratic Party Senators than usual in line for their every six year spanking in 2018, good luck guys.

    Let’s remember McConnell advised the President immediately after Scalia’s death the Senate would not act on any nomination before the election, barely nine months away, and Schumer, currently stuck in the minority leader job (like the #2 sled dog, the view forward is limited and not all that pleasant), completely agreed with that… when the shoe was on the other foot… having informed Bush II that no vacancy would be filled by the Senate for his last 18 months in office. Smilin’ JoevBiden, a nicer guy, thought the last year of a presidency should be free of Supreme Court advice and consent, with this being referred to as The Biden Rule.

    Unless it’s a Democratic president being skunked, even if the primary season had already started. There actually is precedent for a hostile Senate denying a president the ability to appoint a justice for over a year and a half, with as many as two open seats unfilled, waiting for a new president… hint… it was an accidental presidency with both a Whig president and a Whig senate, the Whigs being the original unorganized organized party. There really is no “duty” of the Senate to hold hearings on any particular nominee and give them an up or down vote.

    Gorsuch will get an up or down vote, Schumer’s choice is how that happens. The easy way or the hard way.

    It’s rumored Kennedy (Reagan’s do-over after the Biden boys borked Bork) is so impressed with the nomination of his friend and former clerk Gorsuch that Kennedy is thinking of retiring before he too becomes mortuary bait, maybe this summer, possibly opening up three seats for Trump’s term (or terms).

    We live in interesting times.

    • Chris Peterson says:

      After a year of Trump, should he last that long, Abraham Lincoln himself couldn’t get elected as a Republican. I couldn’t be more excited; Mango Mussolini is the absolute worst thing that could have happened to the Republican party, and well deserved, I might add. Good luck shaking that dancing partner. I can see a scenario where threats are made to keep Trump out of campaigns and a tweet of endorsement becomes the kiss of political death.

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