Welcome To Somebody Else’s Neighborhood

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  1. Chris Peterson says:

    Never had any such problems here in Oregon, and seeing as how it’s a law that’s been on the books for 30 years, it has nothing to do with the Barking Yam and his Klueless Keebler Klansman.

      • RL CRABB says:

        Nevada County still goes into convulsions over growth, and much of California is close behind. There’s a piece of land in Grass Valley that fits the infill goals set by the city, but it’s currently being used to grow tomatoes. One neighbor complained that it had always been a farm and should remain so, hence the “historic vacant lot” remark.

        • Chris Peterson says:

          They’ve got a point, I suppose; all lots were vacant for millions of years.
          Ya’ gotta’ wonder how advanced mankind would be if no one was adverse to change. We’d probably have shuttles to the perfect planet for refugees, or better yet, shuttles to a not-so-perfect planet for the people who make them.

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