Who You Gonna Vote For?

Every four years, a long line of unique individuals gather at county fairs to kiss hands and shake babies. They are candidates for President Of The United States, or as it is presently known, POTUS. It doesn’t quite have the zing of JFK or LBJ or even FDR, and it’s even worse for the spouse, who is now addressed as FLOTUS, which sounds more like some undesirable urinary condition than a coveted political title.

So is it any wonder that one of the rising stars is named Deez Nuts? Is it any wonder that The Donald is more popular than all the governors east of the Rockies combined? Who will be the next fifteen minute miracle worker? This is just a small sampling of the choices available…


Bill The CatHitler CatPapoonRock For PrezZippy for Prez

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5 Responses to Who You Gonna Vote For?

  1. Terry says:

    Sorry, Bob, but there isn’t a single wannabe candidate worth a tinker’s dam to hold the office. Then again it may be a moot point because I don’t believe the voters in this country realize our so-called political leaders are nothing but figure-heads. As the old saying goes, “follow the money”. Whatever ground gained by the original signers of the Constitution, has been lost to be replaced by greed and power-grasping elite, and not all of them from this country.

  2. As long as we’re on the subject of suitable candidates, I wonder who Scoopy is going to back in the first supervisorial district if Nate Beason decides to run again.

    Scoopy has said many times that Nate is his favorite local Republican (talk about damning with faint praise!), but it’s also obvious he’s a big fan of Miss Heidi. I’m guessing he’ll go with Heidi, unless she keeps sending press releases to The Union.

    Maybe she should hire Scoopy as her media consultant.

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