Garden of Eatin’

Garden cactus legIt was a weird year for gardening here at Crabb Hollow. With Mary Ann in the hospital for most of May and June and me commuting to Carmichael every other day, there wasn’t much time for tending the veggies. Even so, I bought a few tomatoes, stuck them in the ground, covered them in chicken shit, and tried to remember to water them at least twice a week. All in all, it turned out pretty good.Garden squash

Garden MAToday was Mary Ann’s first venture into the jungle that is our backyard since her surgery. These Morning Glories are volunteers from last year’s crop. Same with the Acorn Squash…



Garden HollyhockGarden tomatoGarden cat

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  1. steven frisch says:

    Must be nice to be back out in your garden….with your muse.

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