Lunch in Roseville


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  1. Tasty, and economical too. Too bad we don’t have one.

  2. steve cottrell says:

    I was introduced to In-and-Out Burger a few years ago in Carlsbad and learned that their bumper stickers are very popular. Young kids (and adults, for that matter), use a razor and remove the b and r in Burger.

  3. Terry says:

    It’s all a matter of taste of course but I’ve been to the I&O in Auburn twice in the last year and frankly, wasn’t very impressed. The fries were limp and soggy (I’m very familiar with that particular state) and the burger or “_urge_” as the case may be, wasn’t all that impressive. Bitney’s Corner burgers were the epitome but of course they’re a vacant lot these days. Currently the old A&W has one of the best sandwiches around, but you need to float a loan in order to afford one. A totally irrelevant sidebar is the Bob’s Big Boy franchise before Bob Wian sold out to Marriots. In my high school years, about a century ago, Bob’s was the official hang out of just about every school within driving distance of Toluca Lake, or Van Nuys, or Burbank…oh yes and Pasadena where the whole thing started. They used to give out decals with the iconic Big Boy in his red and white checked overalls, holding a giant double cheeseburger (I think Mr. Wian was the first to use a dual layered bun) on an upraised tray. We used to cut the burger from the tray and replace it with Big Boy’s head. This was a lot more fun than your old “urge” logo. The burgers were better too.

    Signed, your most favorite Burger Troll.

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