At The Crossroads

It’s been quite a week for our sleepy village. First, landslides closed Interstate 80, detouring traffic down Highway 20 through Nevada City and Grass Valley to Auburn. Then, the imminent possibility of spillway failure on the Oroville dam sent hundreds of refugees east on Highway 20 to the relative safety of the foothill towns.

All in all, we weathered the storm with grace and charity. The fairgrounds was inundated with much needed supplies to make the unexpected guests as comfortable as possible. People opened their homes to strangers. No one asked for party affiliation, religion or race.

Once again we are reminded why we live in this wonderful neck of the woods.

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  1. Chris Peterson says:

    A good reminder that the people retain a strong sense of community, even in, and possibly because of, these tumultuous times.

    You also reminded me of back when Hwy 20 and 49 met right down S. Auburn, stopped for the light, and continued up past the A&W to Nevada City. Cars were lined up past Hennessy to get through town, Empire Street went all the way down to Mill, (it was almost a straight shot from the Metz’s to the Crabb’s), and Rough and Ready wasn’t a hidden town. (Actually, that’s an improvement.)

    Ah well. Hang in their, homies.

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