Bait Accomplii

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  1. Tom Odachi says:

    Ha! What’s missing is some wasabe power bait.

  2. PeteK says:

    Ha-ha! After coming home a few times skunked after a long day of fishing, I must admit that my power bait atop some stale crackers did seem appetizing.

  3. Tom Odachi says:

    I can relate — Put that on a Ritz cracker and imagine Andy Griffith… could happen.

    Remember those old Ritz Cracker TV commercials?

  4. Tom Odachi says:

    Damn. I just read that Griffith passed away! RIP Andy!

  5. Tom Odachi says:

    That would make me feel a little better (sigh)… I was fearful that I developed some curse, where I mention somebody famous, and they go and die.

    Has anybody seen Jerry Springer lately?

  6. Greg Goodknight says:

    My Dad’s fishing snack was the Velveeta cheese that was otherwise fed to the trout.

    I saw 2# bricks of Velveeta at Safeway for $10, or $5 a pound, about what a real cheese like Jarlesburg fetches at Costco. I wonder if trout like Jarlesburg?

  7. Michael Anderson says:

    I think it’s time to go fishin’.

  8. Judith Lowry says:

    I wasn’t going to comment, but I got hooked.
    Ikura is the proper name for Salmon eggs in Japanese cuisine.
    They are okay, but some prefer Tobiko the roe of flying fish.

    Okay kids, school’s out.
    Have a nice day : )
    No, have a great day : D

    • Tom Odachi says:

      Quite right. And… many people mistakenly think sushi is always raw fish or some related sea food ingredient. Actually sushi is just seasoned rice. There are some excellent sushi dishes that don’t contain any type of seafood.

      • judith lowry says:

        Yes Tom,
        Sashimi is the raw fish.
        Don’t tell out wonderful sushi chefs, but since sushi has been Americanized with all the yummy sauces, I am actually wondering what a Kobe beef and cheese roll would taste like.
        With plum sauce.

        • Tom Odachi says:

          I think that it’s cool to see all the creativity in sushi making. I remember when the “California Roll” first appeared on the culinary scene. It was anathema to many sushi purists.

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