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  1. And we all know who the Logic Maven is on these threads.

    • TD Pittsford says:

      No “we” don’t. About whom were you speaking?

      • This post has been removed.

        • rlcrabb says:

          Doug, it’s obvious that you and Greg have feelings for each other, but frankly your personal feud is wearing thin here. No one but you two gives a flying f#*k about who was at Timothy Leary’s party decades ago, or the endless bickering over every issue presented here. This is the last warning to both of you…cut the crap or get used to being deleted.

          • Greg Goodknight says:

            This post has been removed.

          • Todd juvinall says:

            This post has been removed.

          • Steve Frisch says:

            While you are deleting people for attacking each other with no reason, you might want to consider the jihad Todd and Greg have against me as well. I would be happy to ignore both of them as long as they never reference me personally here again. That would of course require that people stick to discussing issues, with sources and facts to back up their statements, rather than injecting personal comments about the people bringing the information to the table or implying motive. I would be thrilled to live by that standard.

          • rlcrabb says:

            This blog was set up to be a combination of social criticism and entertainment. As you are El Presidente of the Sierra Business Council, there are bound to be some jabs directed your way, even if you are speaking as an individual. The personal stuff is out of bounds though. Especially when someone tries to defame you as “the chef.” I used to be in the same honorable profession, so I take offense when such culinary slurs occur. I would feel the same way if someone referred to contractor Todd as a “nailpounder.”

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          • Greg Goodknight says:

            Bob, a stitch in time saves nine. Just deleting the July 24, 2012 at 10:33 pm would have saved a whole lot of snipping and sniping.

            May I suggest Frisch’s July 25, 2012 at 11:02 am to be the final one to bite the dust? It’s an attack against two of us, for no reason, by someone who has not had a history of doing as he preaches.

            “While you are deleting people for attacking each other with no reason, you might want to consider the jihad Todd and Greg have against me as well”

          • Steve Frisch says:

            I have offered on numerous occasions to eliminate personal references and only comment on issues. It is clear to all who read that Greg and Todd won’t do that. I do not believe in unilateral dis-armement–

          • Todd juvinall says:

            Oh crap RL, I don’t remember what I wrote that you deleted!

            BTW, You can call me by anything you like. I have a thick skin. A nail-pounder doesn’t even get a blip on the insult gauge. Maybe, “master stud installer” or “hack and slasher”? Hell, people have threatened to murder me for my political views so have at it. LOL!

            Regarding being a chef, I think that is truly the worst. I say, cook, hashman or sh*t on a shingle slinger might be more descriptive.

            What is fascinating to me is the Truckee fellow has trashed all of us, including you if I recall, and now wants to be shown some form of blogger respect? I am laughing my arse off.

          • rlcrabb says:

            Jesus Jasper Christ! Can’t any of you knuckleheads get over yourselves? I don’t intend to go through 17oo-plus comments until you’re satisfied that your honor has been upheld. Just stop NOW!!!
            When I started doing
            It takes a Village Idiot back in 1998, I decided that I would stick with parodying the issues rather than the people. Over the course of fourteen years I’ve done over 1000 cartoons, and except for about three or four episodes I’ve managed to stick with my decision. Yes, I’ve portrayed local politicians in compromising positions, but never made it personal. And yes, I did that Eric Cartman parody last year, which was very personal, because I do have my limits. As my esteemed colleague Matt Groening once noted. It is unwise to annoy a cartoonist.
            I could be writing some insightful and hillarious cartoon right now, but I’ve spent most of my afternoon cleaning up the comments section and making threats. (And you other bloggers can stop laughing now.) I really don’t want to start blocking people, but I will. Be forewarned.

  2. Todd juvinall says:

    That is a great cartoon RL!

  3. This post has been removed.

  4. This cartoon looks familiar. Are you starting to recycle your material, or are just repeating yourself?

  5. rl crabb says:

    Good eye, George. This one ran in The Union last week, and is loosely based on another I did years ago that was about anonymous snail-mailings. I can’t put anything over on you guys! If I can ever get caught up on my other projects, I’d like to do more original content for the blog. (Guess I should shut up and get my nose back to the grindstone.)

  6. Greg Goodknight says:

    This post has been removed.

  7. RL, you’re forgiven. There are writers–and probably cartoonists, for all I know–who have made a good living just writing variations on the same theme.

    • rlcrabb says:

      Yes, and others like Gary Larson who can retire and live off the residuals from the reprint books, calendars, etc.

  8. Steve Enos says:

    This post has not been removed.

  9. gregoryzaller says:

    If we could all just realize that verbal warfare works against understanding and that sincere listening works for it, the world would begin changing for the better.

  10. Robert Lovejoy says:

    Jesus Jasper Christ? I thought it was Jesus H Christ. Mr. Crabb leaves us all with a rather nasty but accurate admonition: It is unwise to annoy a cartoonist. Truer words were never written. My Grandfather was a political cartoonist for the Chicago paper circa 1933. Even made the Who’s-Who list. He moved to Michigan to continue his education and career as a political cartoonist for the Ann Arbor paper. Being a bachelor at 28 years old, he moved into a boarding house. He was not particularly fond of woman who ran the boarding house with her strict rules and busybody ways. One night he ran off with the boardinghouse’s woman’s 16 year old daughter. The poor woman chased down the fleeing Jalopy and cried out “Get married in a church!” The young 16 year old told me in her old age that she cried all the way to California. It is unwise to annoy a cartoonist. While I am being candid this may be a good time to confess that my real name is Big Red.

  11. Side Note, the lockeing key beside your cartoon on The Union this morning indicates that your cartoon is under lock and key, but apparently they forgot to tell the programmer not to give a preview, so the whole thing is very nicely visible. Good one!

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