I was cruising Facebook last Saturday and noticed three or four posts from friends in the south county warning of massive storm clouds headed our way. Mary Ann and I ran to the backyard, where we had just planted this year’s tomatoes. We covered everything up and got back inside about twenty minutes before the hail storm arrived.

So yeah, social media saved our garden. Thanks!

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  1. Chris Peterson says:

    Ah, so there is a redeeming value to the social internet.

    On a side note; we are scheduled for 97 degrees this coming Wednesday. If I remember correctly, last year summer was on a Thursday, here in Oregon.

    • My father was born in Portland and raised in Salem. The youngest of four, he was the only one who left the Big Firs state and settled in California.

      When I once asked him why he abandoned Oregon for California, he said: “I got tired of scrapping the moss out from between my toes.”

      • Chris Peterson says:

        I used to describe it as living in a damp cave, but with the advent of climate change, it’s quick becoming akin to the moderate clime I grew up in back in Nevada County.
        My mom grew up here in Oregon and my dad up in Seattle, so their stories of southern migration are similar to your dad’s. Funny thing is how quickly one becomes acclimated; any day over 80 is now a scorcher. We laughed when we saw that the house we bought came with central air. We ain’t laughing no more.

        • RL CRABB says:

          Meanwhile, here in NC, we have been experiencing humidity. Am I in Georgia again?

          • Chris Peterson says:

            Don’t remember the year, but there was a flatbed trailer on Commercial Street, Nevada City and Carrie Nation was going to play a street dance on the 4th of July…and it snowed!
            Even on climate change, we were sporadically ahead of the times.

  2. Even native Californians have to become acclimated. When I lived in the Bay Area, I thought 70 was comfortable and 80 was hot. After 19 years in Nevada County, I think 80 is comfortable and 90 is hot.

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