Foiled Again

Foilsafe Color083Just finished this cel painting version of one of my more popular cartoons. I’ll be doing a bunch of these for my next show at The Center For The Arts in September.

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6 Responses to Foiled Again

  1. Steven Frisch says:

    Boy talk about filling a needed market niche!

  2. Kevin Collins says:

    Is a Realtree version available? And can I order it with an optional chin strap?

  3. Chris Peterson says:

    Well, there has to be one in every crowd…so, I’ll be your huckleberry.

    My Dad worked with microwave technology for Bell, and he once showed me how a transmitter on the Wolf Mtn. microwave station could roast a sandwich in seconds. He said that the average Joe was being bombarded by such energy on a daily basis. Fiber optics started to diminish the effect, until cell phones became the norm.

    So, it’s my personal theory that most political and religious zealots, (along with climate change deniers), who would otherwise be normal, everyday, sane citizens, are more subject to the effects, which explains the stoogery of their positions in the face of scientific facts. Therefore, we should be making these helmets mandatory for those exhibiting such behavior, rather than singling out those who already wear them as being nuts.

    As evidence of my theory, I offer the fact that no one has ever met a man in a tin foil hat that wanted to go to war or church.

  4. Brad C. says:

    But, are they SmartMeter safe?

  5. Terry says:

    Please ladies and gentlemen, tin was replaced by aluminum as early as 1910. Real tinfoil went out of vogue as early as 1926 when Reynolds began replacing actual tin with the much cheaper to produce, aluminum. This is why I believe the tinfoil hats that have not been working as they should and otherwise wacky people have gone totally bananas because of the illusion they were being protected from those harmful government rays.

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