Listen To Your Uncle

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  1. Chris Peterson says:

    Oh, but they will.
    We’re up on a hill here, overlooking the Columbia River valley below, where communities on both sides of the river fire off pyrotechnics for nights on end. That’s all well and good and doesn’t bother us in the least, being two miles away, but everyone around us, it seems, needs to fire off the kind of mega-fireworks that are sold on the WA side and are illegal here. Our horses end up running in the pasture, from one side to the other, until around 3 am when it calms down and they are drenched in sweat.
    It literally sounds like a war zone and with one misplaced spark, it can be just as destructive. It’s my worst time of year, here, but I admit, if it weren’t for the fact that I’m a veteran and we’ve been in a constant state of war for my entire life, I might even join in, but…
    It’s like, once a year, we get to hear the sounds that the majority of the world hears when they think of America. Close your eyes; it takes zero imagination.
    (I guess the 4th of July is the wrong time to reread Howard Zinn.)

    I guess I just miss old days, growing up, of the parade down Broad Street and the fire hose fight between our firemen that inevitably ended up being turned on the crowd. And then everyone met at Pioneer Park for the hose cart races and later fireworks. There weren’t many faces you didn’t recognize, back then. But, I digress. (I do that a lot, these days.)
    Happy Independence Day, my friends.

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