Meet The Beetles

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  1. Michael Anderson says:

    The oldy moldy ways die hard.

  2. Chris Peterson says:

    Just drove through Longview, WA a while ago, which is a major harvested tree shipping point for the west coast about 20 minutes away, down river, and I’ve never seen the log landings so full. Local conservationists are sounding the alarm because, now that the rules have been changed to help harvest the trees burned during the fires of the last two years, the large multinational corporations that now totally run the market here are cutting anything and everything under the guise of the new variance.
    They know full well they’re gonna be stopped at some point, so they’re taking full advantage in the meantime and stackin’ ’em to the sky, with more ships anchored on the river waiting to offshore them all, to China- where they’re building material, Europe- where they’re fueling power stations, or just 3.5 miles offshore onto ships that convert them to particle board and send them back here for sale.

    For every good turn, there’s an asshat waiting to take advantage of the wording. (Especially since they wrote most of it, themselves.)

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