Message From Space

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  1. rlcrabb says:

    I just deleted 157 of these #*%!# things!

    • If you set yourself up with multiple emails, assigning them to individuals or companies, or clusters of same, you can avoid that problem. is getting a bit much so I will be retiring it soon. I have one for just cars, car 2012@, and after I get the next vehicle taken care of, I’ll destroy it. I used to have keachie @ swland .org. Got it back in 1999 and by 2005 it was totally mucky, so I eliminated it from from my domain. Every email that hit it had to bounce. For the sheer experiment I set it up again 6 years later, and by God, despite 6 years of bounces, it was still attracting 40 -60 spams a day. Once an email is spoiled, it is spoiled forever, so don’t grow to fond of them. My having many, it makes tracking down the leak and plugging it much easier.

  2. Michael Anderson says:

    Keachie provides us with a lesson in socks.

  3. Ben Emery says:

    I get over 200 emails a day and totally get what you mean. When mass deletions take place I am always worried about getting rid of something important.

    • rl crabb says:

      My email is not the problemo. The spam shows up here at the blog, and I do go through each one to make sure I’m not deleting some legit message from a new correspondent. Almost all the junk comes from Facebook accounts and they come at me sporatically. Most days there are only one or two, and then oliver sudden a hundred show up in one day. The aliens desperately want to help us.

      • Todd juvinall says:

        Congrats on the Union award Crabby! A hometown cartoonist par excellance!

        Spam is a pain in he arse. I use the blocking functions of the email program and I get less and less ED messages and Canadian pharmacy sales of viagra and cialis. Try the help file and search for blocking.

      • It’s even showing up at Rebane’s. I put farstars on total moderation, with all of it going to a special mailbox for occasional sort throughs. My traffic is far lower than yours, just the usual governmental overseeers…

  4. Brad Croul says:

    When they shut down the mothers-of-all spam servers recently, I noticed a drastic reduction in junk email … for about two days, Lol!

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