Number One

My editorial cartoon took 1st place in the California Newspaper Publishers Association (CNPA) journalism awards last night. This is for papers with a circulation of 15K or under…

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8 Responses to Number One

  1. Cathy C says:

    Congratulations, Bob! Well deserved.

  2. Breen says:


  3. Chris Peterson says:

    “for papers with a circulation of 15K or under…”

    These days, that could be 99% of the market.

    Congrats, Bob. Well deserved.

  4. Steven Frisch says:

    Congrats Bob!

  5. George Rebane says:

    Salutations Robert! Surely more to follow.

  6. floyd p says:

    Congrats, Bob….from “JohnnyCub”

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