One More Trip Around Ol’ Sol.

It’s hard for me to believe I made it to sixty-eight. I survived car wrecks and diseases. I ingested enough drugs in the seventies and eighties to kill a herd of elephants. I’ve buried way too many friends, some younger and better behaved than me. I must be doing something  right!
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6 Responses to One More Trip Around Ol’ Sol.

  1. Perhaps you have the “Churchill gene,” a term used by doctors to describe people who abuse their bodies and live long lives anyway. May your good fortune continue.

  2. Cathy C says:

    Happy Birthday, Bob! I think we’re all glad you made it this far.

  3. Ken Jones says:

    Happy Birthday Bob. This is when it all starts to come together.

  4. Steven Frisch says:

    Neuropsychiatrist Dr. Dilip Jeste says people who live long lives have in common, “In order to flourish, they have to be able to accept and recover from the things they can’t change, but also fight for the things they can.”

    Happy Birthday Bob.

  5. Chris Peterson says:

    As someone who has orbited in close proximity to you since grade school and more than a few times shared a tent on the pachyderm expeditions, I nonetheless have come to view the man on the motorbike as being more of a tour guide than an antagonist. Despite the semi-religious upbringing that instilled a fear of the afterlife due to an unattainable perfection, (I ain’t no Christ, baby.), becoming truly omnipresent will be a most welcome change, at this point.

    Not that being a lifeform living on a rock circling a ball of fire while screaming through the cosmos hasn’t been a hoot. Happy birthday, old friend.

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