Pipe Dream

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  1. rlcrabb says:

    Well, I’ve been outed!!! Despite my underhanded attempt to malign white rural America with subliminal coded messaging, George R. has exposed me (and The Union) as subversive Marxists. I might as well make a run for Cuba while I still can…

    • Chris Peterson says:

      I find it incredibly ignorant for Rebane to say that it is the Democrats who threaten our democratic republic with visions of dictatorship, when it is he and his self-described “knuckle draggers” who bow to the will of a singular man who lost an election and threw the country into turmoil by refusing to accept his loss.

      Seems to me that Rebane and his feral horde would be the ones more comfortable in Cuba, where only one political opinion is allowed.

    • I always felt there was something suspect about your ‘toons. I owe the good doctor a debt of gratitude for removing the blinders from my eyes.

  2. George Rebane says:

    For those progressives with obvious reading deficits. No one on the Right has ever sought to silence their opposites on the Left. Seeking to silence the Right is a task carried out daily on the lamestream media and leftwing blogs. For some reason leftwing worthies are not able to parse critique from seeking to silence. And no one on the Right seeks autocratic governance since that requires a very large, expensive, intrusive, and controlling government, the kind that the Left has always promoted and continues to do to this day. To Bob’s credit, his cartoon carried no censorship message to his ideological opposites.

    • rlcrabb says:

      I would never censor the right’s right to write. Same goes for what’s left of the left. I would argue that both sides cherry-pick their narrative to fit whatever person or policy they seek to crucify. Your critique of my cartoon comes to mind.

      It never fails that the cartoons I think will get me nailed to that cross barely register, and the ones I think are innocent bring out the pitchforks and torches.

    • Chris Peterson says:

      Rebane: “No one on the Right has ever sought to silence their opposites on the Left.”
      Let’s skip over his use of the word “ever” and take a simple glance at this singularly flaccid comment. Without filling this site with years of reading on the subject, let’s just say that this is just possibly THE most ignorant statement to come from old George that I’ve ever seen. Ignorant either in that he either isn’t versed on US history, let alone the world’s, or that he actually believes anyone with an open mind would for a second accept such vacuous mental drooling as anything but sophomoric, revisionist psychobabble.
      Is he, by chance, unaware that over 250 laws restricting the ability of citizens to vote have been proposed or passed in 43 states by conservative legislatures? Judging from the comments on his blog, that’s highly unlikely. It’s more likely that he’s one of the 40-some percent of conservatives who think they need to physically tear down our government to set it right. (The traitorous Jan. 6th crowd.)
      But more plausible is the likelihood that it is his age that has allowed him to veer into the deep grass of life in a desperate attempt to stay relevant. Perhaps, like Trump, no one around him will tell him that his wheels are definitely slipping in his own slop, but I’ll be his huckleberry…you’re losing it, George. And for someone who started out on the wrong side of the argument to begin with, that ain’t good, old man.
      I’ve never tried to silence you, but maybe it’s time those around you held a heartfelt intervention for your benefit.

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