The Superbowl Was Rigged

If we went by electoral college football rules, the Falcons won. They led the game for over three quarters. (And note that the Roman numerals spell “LI.”)

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14 Responses to The Superbowl Was Rigged

  1. fish says:

    Seen elsewhere….

    “Right now, Atlanta fans have got to be feeling like Hillary supporters on election night.”

  2. TruthReleaved says:

    100% rigged as so much money is earned by the patriots winning. They need this much excitement buildup as much as the powerball does every so often with HUGE payouts because sports and tv in general is DYING! These companies along with the NFL are paying out BILLIONS to ensure a great game you mean to tell me that you can not arrange for a team to win/lose?! Think about it the patriots are the team we ALL hate to love and all love to hate and everyone that is not a pats fan by default want he pats to loose against again team they play! People will continue to pay and watch the super bowl just to see them “hopefully” loose! But chances are the “fixing” of a game you only need a few people of a team to make a team win or lose! Think about the fight of century… “Mayweather vs Pac” no difference as look who won?! Stop giving in to the hype and misleading sports as they are more about politics, money, power and fame and NOT about winning or losing! We’re all losers if you chose a team that was not the pats and if your currently a pats fan… that means you have joined the bandwagon because you once too hated the Patriots! No one likes the patriots at first glance they’re very arrogant!

  3. Conman says:

    what a joke. Shotgun offense when all you need is a field goal? How’s Martha doin Shanghai game like Seattle twice. We got trump maybe Brady will be the next prez. Game was rigged.

  4. Doctor Love says:

    I think the game was rigged; it was a Bookie’s Dream; No different than rigging a horserace or a fight. This time it was so obvious, because the game took an immediate turn in favor of New England. Perhaps a Big Payoff to some Falcon players. What would you rather have, a lousy RING or several million in TAX FREE DOLLARS. The WWE has now started playing football !

  5. Judith Lowry says:

    Gentlemen, I confess to not knowing much about football, but that catch by Julian Edelman didn’t appear to be rigged.

    • BryanBrooks says:

      Judith Lowry you are right Julian Edelman had the ball the whole time he was on the ground

      • Judith Lowry says:

        Amazing focus!
        The ball never hit the ground, and he had three men on him.

        • Stronzo says:

          Yes, it was an amazing catch, and it’s absolutely hilarious that anyone could think that any of the plays made, let alone the timing of them, could have been scripted. I think Drumpf’s alternate reality is really having an effect on some folks.

          Then again, maybe Usain Bolt isn’t really the fastest human, and this is an international conspiracy. (I could think of more, but I’m laughing too hard to type.)

  6. What we have here is a bunch of sore losers.

    The Patriots were three point favorites from the start, and the line never moved off that number for two weeks. The late money–the so-called wise guys–went more for Atlanta than New England, but not enough to move the number.

    The bookies started sweating when the Patriots tied the game at 28-28 because if they won by a field goal in overtime, that would have created a push and the bookies would have had to return all of the money.

    The bookies made their big money on the under/over. The wise guys went for the under with enough money to move the line from 59 to 57, a big move for a game that was on the board for two weeks. When the Patriots tied the game at 28-28, the total was guaranteed to go over.

    Nobody wants a fair game more than the bookies; their biggest fear is that the fix is in and a few big money guys know about it. The last major attempt to fix games, by a couple of members of the Arizona State basketball team, was exposed about 10 years ago when the Vegas sports books told the FBI something fishy was going on.

  7. BryanBrooks says:

    the game was not rigged y’all just mad because the falcons lost if the falcons would of won y’all wouldn’t be saying the game was rigged y’all would just be talking about the other team just man up and face that the falcon lost OK!!!!!!!!!

  8. rlcrabb says:

    In other news: America has completely lost its sense of humor.

    • Judith Lowry says:

      Well, Melissa McCarthy brought it back on last Saturday’s SNL!
      And Lady Gaga brought everything else.
      Further, what wasn’t to love about the Martha and Snoop in that commercial?
      Can ‘o’ bisque?
      It was a fun day, and I don”t even really like football all that much.

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