$upport Your Local Cartoonist (Updated 12/11 & 12/13)

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I’m going to be hawking my wares at HAVEN DOWNTOWN in Nevada City on Wednesdays & Sundays during Victorian Christmas. (Haven is downstairs, under Abstrakt & the Gray Goose on Broad Street.) I’ll have books, prints, magnets, and whatever else I can find in my bag of tricks. Come on by and say hey!

UPDATE: There were only two of us at Haven last night. Unless there are more vendors to provide some incentive to descend those stairs, I don’t plan on continuing to participate. Watch for further updates.

UPDATE 12/13: Under the weather. Will not be doing Victorian Christmas @ Haven.


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4 Responses to $upport Your Local Cartoonist (Updated 12/11 & 12/13)

  1. Douglas Keachie says:

    You need to make a poster or banner at the top with verbage, “Down the Hatch” and an image of a miner in an ore cart downward bound.

  2. Michael Anderson says:

    I stopped by The Haven around 5:45 this evening (my first dedicated Victorian Christmas visit so far this year) and it was dark in the cave. Sounds like the whole idea was a bust.

    I don’t know what physical marketing efforts were made in the previous VCs regarding The Haven this season, but since so many people attending these days are from out of town nothing short of a flashing arrow will suffice to coax the monied persons to descend those steps: http://my.fit.edu/~baarmand/Images/Blinking%20arrow.gif

    Will you be there this Sunday?

    • rlcrabb says:

      I was there the first week, but the lack of attendance led me to pass on further participation. I’m not going Sunday either. Sorry for any confusion.(By the way, there is another entrance on Pine Street, with an elevator for us cripples.)

  3. rlcrabb says:

    Just got the word that Haven will NOT be opening for Victorian Christmas this Sunday, December 20th. Maybe next year…

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