What’s Your Sign?


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  1. Chris Peterson says:

    One of my favorite bumper stickers, although I never actually saw it on a car, was one thought up and expounded on by two friends down at the Deer Creek Plaza house while they sat watching the ridiculous antics of flatlander driving in a storm across what seemed, at the time, the crossroad intersection of the world.

    “Snow Happens”.

  2. Chris Peterson says:

    And does anyone remember when Bill Snell was sneaking around NC putting stickers of a screw over the hearts of bumper stickers that said, “I heart my Schnauzer”, or whatever dog the driver owned? My kinda’ humor.

    (Honestly Bob, these math security questions are killin’ me.)

  3. Don Baumgart says:

    My pen name came from a bumper sticker: Nuke Brunswick.

  4. Chris Peterson says:


    There’s a company that makes personalized replacement lenses for the rectangular stop light in the rear window of most new cars. Angie and I had one made that said, “Stronzo”, (Italian for asshole), and put it on our Z-3, thinking we’d have the last laugh at tailgaters. In retrospect; not such a good idea.
    One day a motorist, who happened to have followed me into a gas station said, “Hey Stronzo, nice car”! (He may have been being unknowingly perceptive.)

  5. I knew a guy–he’s deceased–who had a series of flip cards in his car that he used to express his opinion of other drives. He would have loved your creation.

    No, he didn’t die of road rage.

    • rl crabb says:

      There was a temptation to replace the “BA” on the screen to an “FU” but the onboard computer has a chip that blocks George Carlin’s seven deadly words.

  6. Brad Croul says:

    Get your random (closeout) bumper stickers here:


  7. Ben Emery says:

    I think you are on to something. You better make an investment and patent the L.E.D. bumper communicator.

    My friends had on their work van in our early 20’s that said “I don’t like women who say four letter words. Don’t, Quit, and Stop….”

    • Michael Anderson says:

      Ben, that wasn’t very PC of you. We’re going to need to send you (along with Nevada County Consolidated) to sensitivity training. Bring your hairshirt.

      BTW, the LED bumper messaging system already long exists. I actually have one that was given to me about 11 Christmases ago, someone thought it would be cute on my art truck. Never used it, seemed trite.

      • TD Pittsford says:

        Michael, no offense but screw PC and all that it implies. It’s killing our civilization…or what’s left of it anyway.

        • Ben Emery says:

          I have my birkenstocks, flat of wheat grass, and fair trade organic cotton travel bag packed ready to atone for my PC violations. Ha ha

          Despite what people think I am not as much as hippie as it might seem. I refer to myself as a redneck hippie. A former highly competitive jock, fighter, blue collar laborer, and self educated spiritual person makes for a good redneck hippie.

    • Brad Croul says:

      Bob, I have one of those electronic programmable signs you can use.
      BTW-liked your assault weapons ban ‘toon.

  8. Juan Browne says:

    My favorite bumpersticker for Nevada City is, “visualizerent”.

    Good to see the whole gang here on Crabman’s site.

    Reminds me of sitting in McGoo’s ….about 20 years ago….



  9. rl crabb says:

    Thanks for the comments, crew. I’m just catching up after being cut off from the net since yesterday. Actually got an AT&T troubleshooter who could speak reasonable English. Almost strangled though, when I had to crawl under my work station to battle the mass of cables, wires, and dust bunnies.
    Michael – I figured someone must have invented the LED-sticker by now. I did this cartoon back in the Stoned Age. (The 20th Century)
    Good to see that there are still people with a sense of humor in Nevada County.

  10. F. Jimez says:

    Love the idea of the “computerized LED strip”. Far more congenial than the manual finger out the window method. I would suggest replacing the keyboard with Voice Activation, and perhaps an exterior audio system for those very special moments we all encounter out on the road.

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