Things Ill Miss153Tonight we’re gonna party like it’s 1999…That’s the year I made these predictions. I got a few things right. Privacy has been flushed down the low volume toilet. The only typewriters left are in museums along with pay phones in general. Real estate peaked in 2008 and crashed to pre-nineties levels. It’s been slow recovering, unless you live on the Pacific coast where the billionaires have driven out the millionaires. Vinyl keeps trying to come back, but most of our music comes from the clouds. Drive-ins are gone, but Godzilla returned in 2014. The air is cleaner, at least on the rare days that the state isn’t on fire. Damn that Godzilla.

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2 Responses to 1999

  1. Tom O'Toole says:

    How about common courtesy ?

  2. Kevin Collins says:

    Light bulbs that don’t contain mercury.
    And, in a few years, being able to heat my home with wood.

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