A Weapon Of Mass Revision

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  1. Chris Peterson says:

    He and his actions are what you get when you propose simple answers to complex problems. “There, I solved the problem”, he says every time he signs one of his lordly edicts with his mighty Sharpie, or fixes a weather map, or rolls back air, water, endangered species acts, or the myriad of contrarian changes he has made .
    Thomas Paine, the person probably more responsible for our independence than any founding father, wrote, “War never can be in the interest of a trading nation anymore than quarreling can be profitable to a man in business. But to make war with those who trade with us is like setting a bulldog upon a customer at the shop door.”
    I would assume that would especially include a trade war.

    No, no more Sharpie legislation and no more tweeted foreign and domestic policy. It’s time to return to adult supervision. It’s time to send this family act back to it’s failed business ventures and periodic bankruptcies. And while we’re at it, let’s bring down ALL of the overlords who currently hold their boots on our throats.

    Read Common Sense by Paine and see if you don’t come away with the same attitude.

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