And I Thought It was Tough Growing Up With My Name

Fook Yeu359He was survived by his son, Fook Yeu Too.

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6 Responses to And I Thought It was Tough Growing Up With My Name

  1. george rebane says:

    And here I thought this was a family oriented website 😉

  2. At least you’re not a boy named Sue.

    It occurred to me as I read the latest installment of “100 Years Ago…” that I’ve seen the Crabb clan mentioned. I assume that’s because they were solid citizens who stayed out of trouble and avoided the spot light.

    • Terry says:

      No, George, the name was indeed mentioned but I think in connection with a prevalent condition among the miners who frequented the seedier side of our lovely, innocent little town.

  3. Correction: Make that “never seen the Crabb clan mentioned.”

  4. Douglas Keachie says:

    Yuou would have done well, at Fisherman’s Wharf. Just had a most excellent batch of Spring rolls, at Ole Republic, No Pho King Way’s, Food Truck, last night. We were put on eath to eat and drink and amuse one another. The Crabbman has it right.

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