Clipping The Eagle’s Wings

Abraham Lincoln once said “a house divided cannot stand.” In 2017, we say a wingless eagle is a dodo, soon to be extinct.

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  1. Chris Peterson says:

    Except, divided it is not; at least not to near the proportions we are told. On all of the major issues facing us today, we are surprisingly in agreement; from gun control measures to health care. We laugh at the “man-on-the-street” skits where folks rail about Obamacare but support the ACA, but that’s exactly where the answer lies; in showing folks that they’re one and the same.
    It also doesn’t help matters that due to gerrymandering, voter suppression, and local shenanigans, the smaller party has seized control of our social agenda. The political vacuum that this creates has been joyfully filled by the corporate interests, who are disassembling 100 years of social and environmental safeguards in their continuing quest for ever-higher profits. Until the voice of the majority is returned to power we will have no defense against such an onslaught.
    One thing’s for sure; whether you color it red or blue, everyone recognizes that we’re all in the same boat. I guess that’s unity of some kind.

    • RL CRABB says:

      I see more division every day. No one believes news unless it is presented by a source slanted to the viewer’s prejudices. People say that women should not be vilified for reporting sexual harassment, unless the woman accuses someone from your party. For eight years, one party refused to vote for any major legislation advanced by the other party. Now the roles are reversed.
      In the case of legislation, we lurch from one extreme to the other, and it likely will reverse itself when Democrats are back on top of the heap. Anyone who breaks rank can be assured of a primary challenge.
      There is some hope for the future. Jeff Flake, John McCain Susan Collins and occasionally Lisa Murkowski vote against their peers, but McCain and Flake will no doubt be replaced in the near future. There are fewer renegades on the Dem side.
      So no, it isn’t hopeless, and maybe enough voters will tire of the game-playing before the whole thing devolves into a violent national divorce.
      One can only hope.

  2. Chris Peterson says:

    With all due respect; it’s a function of your chosen career to observe division, so to say that you see more everyday makes perfect sense.
    My point was that “we” are not as divided as those who depend on that division tell us we are. For instance:
    Background checks for gun purchase garners a 90% approval by polling, including 93% of gun owners.
    Opposition to the latest tax bill is around 85%
    Cutting Planned Parenthood funding is opposed by over 60%
    Employer mandated birth control coverage is encouraged by 67%
    The majority still think Trump is an assbag, including those who think he should stop tweeting, and isn’t very adept at handling N. Korea.
    You don’t get over 60% in any poll without a mixture of Dem, Repub, and independent voters.
    So, again, those who profit from the created illusion of a deeper division will continue to expound the reasons for it, but the fact remains that it is a fabricated illusion given to the masses, rather than a social reality coming from the common citizenry. We have our differences, as we always have; they’re just not as great as some would have us believe, and they’re least divided on the most important issues we face.

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