Terry Dean Pittsford, we apologize for taking so long to return you to the Pacific womb of the world. You’ve been patiently waiting in the spare bedroom since you left us Easter Sunday, 2016. We had several setbacks in the health and scheduling department that made it impossible to assemble our ragtag group until this last week, but we finally overcame these infirmities to make the pilgrimage to the coast.

You were a good friend, although sometimes you didn’t make it easy. But then, that is the test of true friendship. We will always cherish your memory, Uncle Rumple. See you in the next chapter.

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  1. steve cottrell says:


    Great photo and a great guy. Glad you and the gang were finally able to do the honors.

    Terry could be a tad crusty at times, that’s for for sure, but I always valued his friendship and admired his creative mind and sometimes-acerbic sense of humor.

    Just wish he had been able to write The Great American Novel before he departed. It would have been a dandy.

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