Email From Tomorrow

During the storm this afternoon, I was checking my email when a bolt of lightning hit the house. My computer began to crackle and glow, but instead of frying my system it appeared to open a “portal” to the fourth dimension; time itself. After it cooled off enough, I discovered the following message on my email. Is it for real? I don’t know, but all attempts to reply have bounced back. No such address exists on this plane. The text was somewhat garbled but I have posted what managed to survive…

Hello. If this is reaching someone, my name is Max-X and I am sending this warning from the fuuuuture… th year is 20#^*a+ it is imperative that you act immmmediately. I have accessed an antique comppputer, since in our time we no longer need physical machines to ccom comm communicate…with certain modifications I believe I can transmit to your ttttime……..

Let me start by saying we the people, and that incluuudes youuuu…are responsible for the @$#^** trap we set for ourseeelves. We were ok/surveillance &  wiretaps drones and why not? The terrorists would not give up and crime was everywhhhere. Security became the overrriding issue. If you are doing something you don’ want anyone ttto seeee it must be illegalll. It was the loggical thing to do…

But it got out of controllll. Engineers developed cybugs…part biological insects..pppart machine. They could make an ant that could blend in with real ants and invade your home without ddddetection. And relay what they see and hear to the Big Brain out in Utahhhh.

Worse yettt…you can’t even kill em with insecticide or traps since they don’t eat or breatheee like normal bugs. Some guy came up with a spray called WAKABUG that messes up their lens and mmmicrophonesss. Its been banned by the govvvernmmment for ‘environmentalll’ contamination,  but you can get it for a price on the blackkk market.

The other thing that happened was the blending of hhhumans and machines. If you had the money, you could replace worn out parts with limbs that could last a thousssand yyyears. With advances in medicine the brain became the only esssential organ to keep alive. The hyper-rich spent billions to keep the noggins intact beyond the expiration date. With the threat of death and decay removed, the 1% efffectively evolved themselves into a superior mmmodel of hhhomo sssapien. It wasn’t like that old Terminator mmmovie..*&## machines didn’t overthrow mankind; they became mankind.

BBBut now they are fearful of the unrestricted consciousness of the unplugged masses. There are toooo many of us even though they have robocops and all the weaponsss ^+%$<>? needed the meat people to be under their direct control, so they began offering free audio/visual upgrades. They’d replace one eye with a cy-ball that would connect you to collective 24/7. It was a chance to get an instant education and you needed it to work your way up the food chain. Millions joined up willingly.

But having the world in your head was too much for some people. There was no way to shut out the iiinane ccchatter and constant updates. And if you thought forbidden thoughts you mmmight get a visit fffrom   3$&*= police. Others embraced the technology to the extreme. At least three new religions have been sanctioned by the feds.

For some, suicide was preferable to the new realityyyy. Better than the unceasing mantra of cerebral conformity that now shares our most intimate thoughts and dreams with the collllectivvve…..but @#&3* is an alternative. Some of us have chosen to have the overorb removeddd. The procedure is called cybortion and was outlaweddd bby the SSSupreme Court when it was determined that machines were indeed people and guaranteed the right to life.

For those of us who risked being sent to the workkk camps for disconnecting, life has been stressfulll. You can get a fffake eye that looks real, but it won’t stand up ttto the retinal scans needed to vvverify your bank codes at the grocery store or the hydrogen pumpssssss. We Cyclopeans live below the radar and survive by growing our own food and relying on bicycles for transportation. It’s a limited lifestyle, but it belongs to ussss.

Because they lied wwhen ^#@60%444said the upgrade was free. The price of being connected was the individual soul., The safety of the crowd meant that we coulddd be trampled in the sttampede if we don’t move in the rrright directionnn. By embracing security we eliminated risk, and without risk there is no advancement61@$#&&29….?<^>621

I’m aiming this T-mail at the early two-thousand teen years. TThat’s when you had the chance too turn things around. In my reality we just shruggged and let BigggBrotherrr gather and store our lives, untill we hadd nothinggg leftt to call our ownnn. #@%<<< don’t know*& 763##can change the past, but itz are last hhope. Too late 4 us…MMMust go now%*$#think they have tracked me…&*84$*beating door…K8&#goodbye & ggood Luckkk….. …. .



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8 Responses to Email From Tomorrow

  1. Eric Bare says:

    Bored are we Bob?

  2. San French says:

    The lightning did NOT hit your house, Bob.

  3. Chris Peterson says:

    This isn’t funny. I swatted a fly in the kitchen today, and it short-circuited and fried my swatter. And something happened to another one last week when we suddenly picked up a camera image on our TV from a small pile of chicken poop in the barn. (And my neighbor doesn’t have a toilet, inside or outside of his home. He stands for hours at a time, staring out of the same window. Just staring. For hours! Freak.)

  4. TD Pittsford says:

    My GOD, Crabbman, you’re channeling Aldous Huxley…or maybe that Orwell guy! Either than or you had a “max” coffee overdose and your keyboard went haywire at the same time. Perhaps it was a combination of lots of elements. Whatever, I think you should start taking your SOMA again. You’re getting out of hand.

  5. Robert Lovejoy says:

    Crabbie is not off his rocker. There is a wagon full of spooky stuff going on. They are watching us even in our barns and from our fence posts. Watching birds migrate? HA!! That story is fishy. The storks are delivering something more sinister than babies.

    • Judith Lowry says:

      Hunter-Seekers, Big Brother, we knew this was coming.
      No one feels comfortable with all the surveillance and loss of privacy.
      But, when we recall the security video tape of the actual abduction of Carlie Brucia, and know that it identified the monster who killed her and put him away, do we not reflect on the other side of this difficult issue?

  6. Bob, I guess one certain way we can tell if we’re successful in ‘turning things around’ is when this email from the future disappears from you email folder. So be sure that you file it away and keep checking it every once in a while. Let us know if/when it disappears. Thanks.

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