Good Riddance

One less fascist in the world tonight…

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  1. Michael Anderson says:

    He was a vile human being, at least from my admitted point of view. His treatment of women was particularly heinous, and yet his wife announced his death with a message of true love for her husband. This is the trickiness of our polarized American existence today, we are so quick to judge others and yet we have no idea what really brings a person to who they are at various points in their lives.

    I was taken aback today by the vehemence of those who celebrated his death, it was a cathartic unloading that I will admit to having somewhat participated. But the satisfaction of his death was fleeting, for we all are eventually worm food, which cannot be ignored. Also, we are all born perfect, and then something happens that makes some of us become vile, left or right or in the middle. I will leave it there for all of us to contemplate. Peace out 🍑

    • Chris Peterson says:

      Vile is the perfect description; one of the most despicable people of our time. He made himself very wealthy by spreading hate and I can’t think of a more putrid existence than that.

      And talk about vehemence; what of all those who tuned in religiously to his rantings, slathering themselves in his festered bigotry. They are the true scourge of our nation and he wouldn’t be but a turd on the lawn, if not for the same 40% who craved his every word in an effort to bolster their own sense of asinine white machismo.

      This Earth is a much better place without him on it and I will make no apology for that opinion. (Gotta wonder what the boys over at the Blog of Dissension are saying; their hero laid to rot below ground, as he did above.)

  2. George Rebane says:

    Bob – have you and yours redefined ‘fascist’, or does it still have any connection to the Fascists of the Third Reich?

    PS. You did mean “One fewer fascist in the world tonight …”, didn’t you?

    • RL CRABB says:

      Like you and the former president, Limbaugh only believed in democracy as long as the “right” people have any influence. All those quotes in the cartoon are an accurate reflection of his views on anyone who doesn’t fall into lockstep.
      In a better world, he might have been a voice for change without all the hate, but then he wouldn’t have attracted so many flies to his steaming pile of shit.
      I don’t hold out much hope for the other side either. We’ve come to the point where the majority wins and jams everything they can down the opposition’s throat, and then a few years later the other side wins and undoes it all.

      Hell of a way to run a country.

  3. Robert Cross says:

    and George chimes in with another of his characteristic semantic rebuttals as a way to deflect the truth. “What does ‘what’ really mean?” Here is one definition of a fascist that fits the bill.

    A person who believes and supports a far-right, authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power and forcible suppression of opposition. Add bigot, misogynist, elitist, and just plain asshole and you have a very accurate description of Rush Limbaugh.

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