Inept v. Insane 2018: WTF?!!!

Has the American Dream become the American Hallucination? Can there be any more compelling evidence that this nation has gone stark raving mad?

As the Kavanaugh nomination inches closer to confirmation, the resistance among Democrats and the press has reached a fever pitch. On Morning Joe, a panel of seasoned reporters descended into a frenzy of speculation when the nominee turned his back on a Sandy Hook parent who approached him at the conclusion of the opening round of testimony. They speculated that Kavanaugh obviously snubbed the grieving father who wanted to confront him on the matter of gun control.

Never mind that Kavanaugh had just finished a grueling day watching Senators bicker and talk over each other while screaming protestors were dragged from the room. The dad came up from behind and tapped him on the back, and after a confused look Kavanaugh was whisked away by security.

One of Kavanaugh’s supporters, Zina Bash, who was sitting behind the nominee, was accused of making “white supremacist signs” with her fingers. This would have been somewhat self-defeating, considering her mother was Mexican and her father, Jewish.

The left will leave no turn unstoned at this juncture. Any politician who doesn’t go for the jugular knows he or she will be pounded into retirement by their rabid constituents. If the nominee is confirmed, the progressive agenda will potentially be stymied for decades to come.

Older Democrats still remember what happened the last time the party lurched toward the far left. In their younger, idealistic days they believed they could do no wrong and George McGovern would lead the nation out of the darkness imposed by the Dark Lord Nixon.

They lost forty-nine states, leading one woman to ask, “How could Nixon win? I don’t know anyone who voted for him!”

Demographics have changed since 1972, and many openly embrace socialism today, but Americans are still the ultimate capitalists. It will not go down without a fight.

Meanwhile, the Kavanah chronicles were upstaged late in the day by the latest revelations from the schizophrenic White House.

First, the Washington Post released the first part of Bob Woodward’s FEAR, the aptly named book revealing the innermost anxieties of the President’s closest advisors, anonymously, of course.

Far from indulging in Trumptown Kool-Ade, the cabinet is portrayed as a check on the President’s dark side. Words like “unhinged”, “idiot” and “crazy town” are sprinkled throughout the text. Perhaps the most telling quote comes from ousted Chief of Staff Reince Priebus: “When you put a snake and a rat and a falcon and a rabbit and a shark and a seal in a zoo without walls things are going to get nasty and bloody.”

It would be easy to dismiss much of this as Woodward’s wet dream, except that El Presidente can’t stop running his mouth and fingers, spewing contempt at his enemies and referring to his own attorney-general as a “traitor” for saddling him with the Mueller investigation.

Woodward’s book claims that his lawyer, Tom Dowd, advised Trump not to testify in his own defense. “It’s either that or an orange jumpsuit.”

Or maybe a straitjacket.



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8 Responses to Inept v. Insane 2018: WTF?!!!

  1. George Rebane says:

    Good start on this piece Bob, and so noted. But then you conclude by implying that Trump actually referred to Sessions as “traitor”, which he did not, save for one of Woodward’s numerous and uniformly anonymous sources who is reported to have claimed that Trump made such a reference. A little too fast and loose with that smooth connection between Trump’s verified “running his mouth and fingers”, and his unverified “traitor”.

    • RL CRABB says:

      Of course, George. Everyone knows how much The Donald loves Jeff Sessions. And I didn’t even get around to the NY Times mystery editorialist. Whatever happened to slow news days?

    • Steven Frisch says:

      Actually George, Bob cited Woodward’s reference to Trump calling Sessions a traitor. Frankly between Woodward’s reporting and sourcing methods and the White House’s leaky foundation I would trust Woodward’s sourcing. But there is a remedy….if the President of the United States wants to contend that portions of Woodward’s book are inaccurate they can sue him for libel and call witnesses in a court of law. Bring it on “)

    • Chris Peterson says:

      “by implying that Trump actually referred to Sessions as “traitor”, which he did not”

      So, Rebane, we have your unbiased, personal observance that Trump never called Sessions a traitor? And lacking any personal observance on your part, who would your source be? Trump, himself, who is reported to have made over 4,229 false or misleading claims in his first 558 days? I’m not claiming that Bob Woodward has a more concrete history of public honesty and integrity than you or Trump do, but… yeah, I guess I am; WAY more than either of you.

      The walls are closing rapidly on your failed conservative figurehead and the near future will truly test your ability to spin his psychosis into a believable defense. I suggest you return to your own blog and practice on your mesmerized minions; you’re on the wrong side of Oz and have no power here.

  2. I’ll go with Woodward on the “traitor” comment.

    He’s one of those old fashion shoe leather reporters who starts with no preconceived notion of what the story is, does his research, and probably interviews more people than he has to.

    Every book he has written has been greeted with the kind of denials we’re hearing from the dear leader. But as administrations change, people write their memoirs, and classified information becomes declassified, we learn that Woodward had the story right.

    Woodward isn’t telling us something we don’t already know; he just has fresher anecdotes.

  3. Chris Peterson says:

    Oh, and Bob, if you truly think, “If the nominee is confirmed, the progressive agenda will potentially be stymied for decades to come,” then may I suggest the two following articles which show America’s basic ideals to be under attack, not some “progressive” agenda.

    • RL CRABB says:

      It’s possible, but you never know how these judges will rule once they get confirmed. As of right now, it looks like nothing will stop Kavanaugh’s confirmation. We are cursed to live in interesting times, no?

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