Inept v. Insane 2021: The New Order Takes Charge

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23 Responses to Inept v. Insane 2021: The New Order Takes Charge

  1. rlcrabb says:

    It’s a good thing they’re not black or they could be in danger.

  2. Tom Odachi says:

    January 6, 2021. Another day that will live in infamy.

    The number of American flags I saw being waved by these insurrectionists while defacing the Capitol was a stark contrast to the images of athletes who peacefully took a knee to our national symbol.

  3. Barry Pruett says:


    • Ken Jones says:

      And yet Barry you claim massive fraud and support this BS when posting in the cesspool that is Ruminations. This verbal BS you spread helps support and incite these idiots. You proud Barry?

  4. NC DNC Watch says:

    “It’s a good thing they’re not black or they could be in danger.”

    If they were black, they’d be let out on zero bail by a Soros-funded district attorney after firebombing a federal courthouse.

    Oh so soon they forget.

    • RL CRABB says:

      And just who are you, NCDNCWatch? I love how you patriots hide in the shadows when you take potshots. Afraid George Soros is hiding under your bed?
      I can’t speak for what the left does, but I don’t condone burning anything beyond this pile of leaves in my yard.

      • Chris Peterson says:

        His, or her, post has all the continuity of Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom: “The rhesus monkey has similar traits to his cousin, the baboon. Meanwhile, downstream, Jim is impregnating an alligator.” What the hell does Amy Schumer being arrested for protesting Kavanaugh have to do with BLM, Soros, or burning courthouses? What an ignorant plug. (Since he hides his identity, he won’t be publicly embarrassed by that comment.)

        And good call on his obvious cowardice; a trait all of the Trumpanzees have in common.

  5. rlcrabb says:

    I see the frightwingers are trying to portray the insurrection party as an Antifa set-up. Were there are leftie agitators in the crowd? Well, it wouldn’t surprise me if there were a few, but make no mistake about it, these were homegrown right wingnuts…

  6. Barry Pruett says:

    My opinion is that the election security procedures in multiple states were loosened by weak leaders which could enable fraud. I don’t think that anyone conclusively knows whether or not there was fraud. The potential for fraud caused by these weak leaders gave Trump and some of his supporters the ability to make these allegations. I frankly would like some explanations as to why there were the vote spikes of over 100,000 for Biden in a couple states. It seems odd, and I have not heard any explanation at all.

    The point is that our elections should be completely secure and without reproach in order for folks to have complete faith in our most important institution – elections. If our elections systems were not susceptible to fraud, there would be no problem. There are certainly a lot of questions, and with over 30% of citizens believing there was fraud, the questions must be answered in order to secure our democracy for all of us. Whether the allegations are true or not is not relevant. People need to be heard on the matter. It is not to dissimilar than BLM or the Russia thing.

    We need to start talking to each other instead of screaming accusations.

    • Chris Peterson says:

      Your opinion on the ‘election security procedures in multiple states’ and ‘ weak leaders’ is exactly and only that: an opinion. Like all of the accusations made outside of courtrooms across the nation, not one iota of actual proof has been presented in court under penalty of perjury. None. Which is why all of the many lawsuits offered have been summarily dismissed.
      Secondly, as in 2016, Trump started making accusations of fraud way before any votes were even cast. And he and his followers claiming fraud for months has created the 30% figure you claim believes it. (You can fool some of the people all of the time.)
      And lastly, if you can’t find any answers to your questions on ‘voter spikes’, perhaps this explanation by Reuters will get you started down the path of political enlightenment:

      It’s hard to talk to each other when some folks refuse to acknowledge reality.

      • Barry Pruett says:

        Put a commission together and figure it out. That commission would go a long way in defusing the situation. If you are right, Trump will look like a complete fool, and it would destroy his legacy (if he even has one). Further Biden would then have an undeniable mandate. Biden folks have nothing to lose. 🤷🏻‍♂️

        • Chris Peterson says:

          1- No commission is going to quell the falsehoods as long as Trump and his minions continue to claim there is fraud.

          2- Show anything, other than pure speculation, that something other than what the states and courts have said has happened, and a bipartisan commission would be formed immediately. Facts, brother, facts.

          3- Biden already has an undeniable mandate; the majority of American voters gave him one to go along with a Democratic House and Senate.

          The nation has decided to move forward into the future. Come with us, or don’t; that’s your choice. But what isn’t your choice, at least for the next couple of years, is the ability to create commissions in Congress in the absence of any tangible evidence.

          Bring out some facts and I’m with ya’, but nothing, and I repeat, nothing, is going to stop Trump and his minions from crying foul and you know it.

          • Barry Pruett says:


            We owe it to ourselves, our democracy, and our founders to have election integrity. Why not explore the issues? Nobody had a problem investigating the Russia hoax or the Ukraine hoax. Elections are vastly more important and when over 30% of folks lack trust, it harms our democracy. Carter Brady commission did this years ago. It is probably time again to review our election integrity.

          • Chris Peterson says:

            I’m a bit confused, Barry. You claim we need a study of our election integrity, yet the examples given by the Heritage Foundation is of individuals guilty of such things as giving cigarettes to bums for petition signatures and a lady prosecuted for not checking the box that she helped her grandmother fill out a ballot. If that’s not election integrity, I don’t know what is.
            And again, nothing in their data base about wide spread voter fraud. Certainly nothing that would affect our latest election in any way. The Heritage Foundation is one of the largest and best-funded right wing sites and if that’s the best they can come up with, then there’s obviously no need for expensive and time-consuming commissions.
            You have yet to make your case, my friend.
            ‘Nuf said.

          • Barry Pruett says:

            Yes Chris. It is not about making a case. This issue is not a judicial proceeding. I’m making an argument regarding the health of our democracy. It is the same argument made by those who supported the Russia hoax. There are questions about the integrity of our elections, we owe it to ourselves to investigate those questions. At this time we have 30% of our neighbors who question the integrity of the 2020 election. Whether or not that is true has yet to be determined, but these people vote, these people live near you, and these people are losing faith in our democracy. Right or wrong. I love this country, and I hate to see people lose faith in democracy. We need to work together on this issue and unite our country, and in my opinion, having a commission look into the election and make recommendations in order to insure that our elections have high integrity is not too much to ask. We did the same thing in connection with Russia collusion, which was proven false, and now people can rest assured that Russia had no influence on the 2016 election that would change the result. We should do the same thing in connection with the 2020 election.

    • Kenneth Jones says:

      Yet about a month ago this is what you were saying.
      Donald Trump has beaten the lying and cheating Democrats for the last five years. In fact every single time that the elitist and the Democrats tried to rail Donald Trump, he won. If you don’t think that Trump has something up his sleeve in order to give the Democrats one final defeat, you are grossly mistaken. Trump will bareknuckle fight until there are no other alternatives, and he has to leave the White House. I wouldn’t be surprised if some crazy shit happens like Stacey Abrams getting indicted or something. Like elitists and Democrats, Trump will not pull any punches. That’s why liberals hate Trump so much. DJT fights like they do. No rules, no decency, just bareknuckle politics. What’s good for the goose…
      Direct from Rebane’s cesspool. oh the company you keep Barry.

  7. Barry Pruett says:

    “Whether the allegations are true or not is not relevant.” What I mean is at this point. People have distrust so there should be a bi-partisan investigation. Probably a commission set up and let them figure it out in order to reassure the American public that all is well.

  8. Barry Pruett says:

    What I mean that true or false is irrelevant is “at this point.” Nobody can conclusively know. People have distrust, so there should be a bi-partisan investigation. Probably a commission set up and let them figure it out in order to reassure the American public that all is well with our elections.

  9. When I first turned on the tube Wednesday afternoon, I thought I was watching the National Assembly in Venezuela instead of the Capitol. The only difference is that Maduro’s thugs turned the National Assembly into a rubber stamp while Trump’s troops wanted to put the legislative branch of government out of business.

    Trump is beginning to emulate the final days of Adolph Hitler, who blamed everybody but himself and refused to negotiate a surrender that would have spared his people a lot of misery, destruction and death. In his view, they deserved to go down in flames.

    Trump just wants to punish any Republican who refuses to buy into his voter fraud fantasy, costing them two Senate seats in Georgia just to spite Mitch McConnell and other Republican Congressional leaders. Now he’s turning on Pence, who stood up like a man and did his duty. There’s only one kind of loyalty in Trump Land, and it’s all one-way.

    The Republicans have nobody to blame but themselves. In 2016, they passed over several able candidates who would have advanced the same agenda as Trump’s to pick a buffoon for a candidate. The GOP will pay the price in 2022 and 2024.

    • rlcrabb says:

      Wellll…I wouldn’t be too hasty with predicting anything past next week. We may be seeing the GOP unravel today, but now the Dems hold all the marbles and we now how easily they lose them. The progressives are going to start demanding their due for supporting Old Man Biden.
      And since their majority is razor thin, it won’t take much to upset the applecart. A senator could kick the bucket or Joe Manchin might decide to flex his muscle and block some of the crazier shit that will no doubt come up.

      • Barry Pruett says:

        Joe Manchin is probably the most important person in the senate right now Bob. Gotta agree with him flexing. Trump won West Virginia by a lot and, if memory serves me correctly, he is the only Democrat in statewide office. He will be getting a lot of press in the next couple years I bet. Democrats will treat him like republicans treat Romney. Lol

      • You’re looking at a shorter time span than I am. Given their narrow margins in both houses and the conflicts within the caucus on how to deal with major issues, Schumer and Pelosi will have to call upon their considerable political skills to get everybody on the same page.

        But those are minor issues–the problems winners have–compared to what the Republicans have to deal with. After the Washington riots, the GOP is about to split into two faction: The forever Trumpers and traditional Republicans who had a transactional relationship with the Donald–they were willing to put up with their leader to get the tax cuts, less regulation and conservative judges they wanted.

        So which faction will dominate the party in the next two election cycles since Trump isn’t going to fade away? The Tea Party insurgency was just a warmup compared to what’s coming, but it should be entertaining for political junkies.

        • Barry Pruett says:

          Totally agree with your analysis. These people (forever Trumpers) for the most part, don’t blindly support Trump. It is making America great which they blindly support. Trump is a populist who tapped into the underlying feelings of these people who ended up supporting him after he told them what they wanted to hear. Trump was last on my list in 2016, and I was quite nervous after he was elected. The Republicans can try to cancel Trump, but the movement and the ideas and feelings of the people who supported him will not go away. They made him. It is very interesting…

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