Killin’ Time (Three of Ten)

The Early Bird Gets The GoldKTime Three360

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  1. Ryan Mount says:

    This is like the Crabb version of a Charles Dickens serial!

    But better with appliances and time travel.

    What could possibly go wrong?

    • Judith Lowry says:

      Wow! I just went time tripping and flashbacking into the 70’s when I saw this!
      Bob’s cartoon reminded me of one of my favorite pieces of photographic art.
      I got to see it and meet the artist Duane Michals when I was young and earning money with my camera.
      Seeing his work in a salon setting is why we know silver-gelatin photography elegantly captures what digital cannot. Toxic chemical process, beautiful art.
      Check out, “The Magic Box”.
      Like Crabb’s time machine, it’s enchanting.

  2. Terry Pittsford says:

    As the story goes it was just about 1848 when a certain fellow made his way from back east in search of the riches of Eldorado. He ended up in Nevada City instead where it became all to apparent that the streets were most definitely NOT paved with gold. It was all in the rivers and streams, which by that time was elbow to elbow with other gold seekers. The realization that he had little chance of striking it rich by grubbing in the ground, our enterprising hero found another kind of gold mine: he opened a saloon right in the middle of Nevada City. (It could have been Duffy’s according to some folks.) In any case it wasn’t long before he was making money hand over fist, exchanging gold nuggets and dust for whiskey and beer. He wrote to his brother back east, telling him that, “There’s so much gold in Nevada City it’s falling off the trees!” His brother immediately responded with, “Send me some.” He was soon rewarded with a twenty dollar gold piece which he immediately invested in transportation to the Queen City of the Northern Mines.
    Arriving in town, now dead broke, he went looking for his brother and after asking around was told the bar was up the street, right in the middle of the block. “You can’t miss it,” he was told. “There’s a huge oak tree right in front of the place.” The hopeful brother made his way up Broad Street using the old tree as a beacon, and sure enough he soon stood right in front of the saloon doors. Just as he was about to push his way into his brother’s bar, he happened to look down and there at his feet was a gold nugget the size of his fist. He looked down at the nugget, then up at the old tree, then back down at the gold. He then pushed open the barroom door, saying to himself, “Heck. I’ll pick that up tomorrow. I’m not gonna work on my first day in town.” True story. Honest.

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