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Nevada City News was one of a long line of weekly newspapers that I cut my teeth on while learning the craft of cartooning. Editor Steve Cottrell commissioned this cover and several others, most of which have disappeared from my archives. I also did a weekly strip or editorial cartoon on the interior, and every once in awhile I’d write an article. I did a biography of local raconteur and historian Bob Paine that was so full of lies the paper it was printed on curled up in embarrassment. Bob loved it. (Wish I still had a copy.)

Nevada City News795

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  1. I like the cartoon, but the headlines down the left side of page one are underwhelming–there’s nothing there that would cause me to go beyond page one other than curiosity. I can see why it didn’t last long.

  2. rlcrabb says:

    Steve thinks Scoopy and I should start a newspaper together. What do you think, Scoopy? We could get Bruce Levy to write obituaries.

    • I think Scoopy should be the police reporter. After all, he has the sheriff on his speed-dial, and I’m sure Keith Royal has nothing better to do than check for the big fella’s messages several times a day.

      Levy comes across as one of those people who always thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room (sort of like Johathan Gruber) and shows little tolerance for people who lack his smarts. I can hear him interviewing the aggrieved widow: “How could you stay married to that clown for 50 years? You’re a fool!”

      You should bring in Nuke Brunswick as your editor (I’m sure you could beat the money the Mountain Messenger is paying him) and hire Bored Georgeman as your political reporter. Nevada County Scooper probably pays less than the Messenger.

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