No More Walls

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  1. Michael Anderson says:

    President-elect Biden today: “I’m confident that [because] they’re not willing to acknowledge the fact that we won is not of much consequence in our planning and what we are able to do between now and January 20th.”
    Game over kids. Put a fork in it. Apprentice Trump has lost. He doesn’t understand how this works on a most fundamental level. A sad time for our country but we’ll get over it. I look forward to finding common ground with Americans of all stripes. That is the only way American Exceptionalism has always made a real difference in the course of history.

  2. Given all of the bogus conspiracy theories and lies from the Trumpies about election fraud, I thought I’d keep the pot boiling with a couple of my own:

    –Trump is holding out until Biden and Harris agree not to prosecute him so long as either is president.

    –Trump is replacing all of the top people at the Pentagon with his toadies in preparation for the coup.

    Just doing my part to add to the discourse.

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