Perils Of The Pelton Wheel – Part Three

Pelton Wheel 3A323

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  1. Chris Peterson says:

    Not just the kids of Boston Ravine; we lived out at the end of Butler Road for a few years, and though it was a good mile and a half away, it was well within our scope of adventure. Back when Daniel Boone was a prime time show, and a lot of us could be seen wearing coon skin caps, the whole world was our playground. The only limits were how far you could walk or ride a bike, and still be home by dark.

    Of course, we hadn’t yet been told that terrorists, perverts, rapists, murderers and every other kind of threat ruled the world. It was the age before fear ruled. An age of innocence; when ugly events actually stood out from the norm, and you recognized almost everyone at the Del Oro before the lights went down. An age before imagination was a predetermined download.

    Ah well.

  2. Judith Lowry says:


    Nicely put.

  3. rl crabb says:

    Chris -I’m sure you remember the shortcut through the woods from Butler Road to the old abandoned (Lyman Gilmore) airport, along the NID ditch. There was a waterfall along the trail, I wonder if it’s still there? After I graduated from bicycles to motorbikes, I used to jump my Yamaha 55 on the dirt mounds out there. Bent the forks and the darned thing never did steer well after that.

    • Chris Peterson says:

      I remember that waterfall very well, Bob. I remember how amazed I was that there was a waterfall and pool in an NID ditch. Never caught any fish there, so I guess it wasn’t as secret as I thought. I also remember that some guy just down Butler from the ditch used to spray his hose all night on a tree in his front yard, and it look awesome when it froze.

      We also had the back way to the Fair Grounds down pat. I used to go that way to get to a friend’s house in Starbright Acres, and fish the pond, (Lion’s Lake).

      My Dad used to hunt pheasant on our place out Butler, but I doubt there’s any room for them now. I raise pheasants to set free here where I live because I live on Pheasant Hill and no one’s seen one for several years.

    • Dai Meagher, CPA says:

      I believe I’ve seen that waterfall you’re speaking of…I think it’s still there.

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