S. Clay Wilson

Legendary ZAP cartoonist S. Clay Wilson has passed into the void. He was the creator of the Checkered Demon, Rudy the Dyke and hundreds of other despicable characters.

He had been bedridden for years after being found beaten and unconscious in the street after returning home from a neighbor’s one night. No one has ever found out what happened to put him in that condition.

He has been cared for all this time by his long time partner, Lorraine Chamberlain. (Photo by Jackie Estrada)

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3 Responses to S. Clay Wilson

  1. Hank Meals says:

    Wilson’s work is bold and brilliant! I was a devotee of the Checkered Demon for many years. I still honor the Demon’s sage observation, “Nice day for something.”

  2. Michael Anderson says:

    ZAP is not Zappa but I fell down an Internet rabbit hole and I can’t get up.

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