There is always a master and an apprentice…

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6 Responses to SARS WARS

  1. Chris Peterson says:

    Second time around, those of us who have been vaccinated may get sick, but those who continue to believe that this is all a hoax, well….it’s time to thin the herd.

    I was raised Christian Scientist and I believe in mind over matter, but not necessarily as a religious construct. But, I also believe that no one I’ve ever met has a mind that can actually heal themself, (certainly not mine), so I will continue to put my ‘faith’ in science, which is truly mind over matter.

    If it comes to another isolation effort, I think the church-goers should be able to congregate. I’m not a cruel man, so I think if they’re going to turn down vaccines, they should at least be allowed to console each other.

    Evolution- the theory that keeps on giving, (and taking).

  2. Chris Peterson says:

    Just got kicked off Facebook, again, this time for suggesting that it might be time to start shooting unvaccinated trumpers with a dart gun. As if (a) I’m serious, and (b) any hunter worth their powder would sit around a Walmart shopping center all day shooting slow-moving, obese trumpers.

  3. Chris Peterson says:

    One more thing, just in case anyone is monitoring this post; I remember on my final day of boot camp in 1969, getting all 7 of my overseas shots and not one person asked if that was OK with me. Now that the military is looking for authorization to give all military members the covid vaccine, I gotta wonder…why? When did we start asking troops if they don’t mind getting a shot.
    And not just-in-case shots, like mine were, but a shot to prevent a specific threat to our military readiness. WTF, over?

      • Chris Peterson says:

        When I wrote that, yesterday, the DOD was still asking for permission to make the shot mandatory. And actually, as of today, they still are. I have no doubt that eventually they will vaccinate all military personnel, I’m just surprised that it wasn’t done a year ago when the vaccines first came out and they were firing ship captains for infected crews.

        • I also remember getting shot when I was in basic in 1966. They used a gun with, I believe, six needles, each carrying a different vaccine. Nobody asked if you wanted them; you stood up, they put the gun against your shoulder and pulled the trigger. Next.

          The Pentagon is saying it is making the COVID vaccine voluntary as long as it has emergency use authorization. I suspect this is a concession to the red necks who populate the military, and presumable reflect the attitudes of the folks back home in Dixie.

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