Scotch Doom

Scotch Doom217Springtime is almost upon us, and the vegetation is taking advantage of the warmer weather to invade our yards and acreage. Scotch Broom is one of the most persistent pests to take root in our area. It is an alien plant that snuck into the country as packing material for Scotch Whiskey back during the Gold Rush. It comes from a distant world where men wear skirts and play music on bags that sound like the screeching of wounded animals. (They are also responsible for golf, another annoying pestilence. )

SYRCL will be sponsoring a plant posse to chase down the weeds and rip them from the earth. You can be deputized to join in the carnage. More details over at .

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3 Responses to Scotch Doom

  1. gregoryzaller says:

    You mentioned in your comic that a controlled burn might cause a giant conflagration. This is a concern.

    The fuel load build up in our local forests may be a more serious danger than Scotch Broom. A large fire might be so hot it kills the trees. I was a volunteer fireman during the forty-niner fire here twenty something years ago. Fire can be a devastating thing and reducing the fuel load would lower the danger. Reducing the Scotch Broom infestation and the fire danger at the same time with a controlled burn and followup might be a good plan if it worked. I found a reasonably comprehensive information source on Scotch Broom. It addresses burning as a means of eradication. I posted the link below.

  2. San French says:

    And this is your contribution to St. Paddy’s Day? Geez Bob, get yer green on boy :)! On the serious side, may a fine 20 yr. old Scotch warm your belly on Green Day.

  3. TD Pittsford says:

    I think we should take the government’s method of dealing with guns and immigrants. Instead of getting rid of the Scotch Broom, let’s make the TREES illegal and eradicate them. They’re far bigger and therefore more visible. I they fall on some Scotch Broom by accident, we could blame G.W. Bush.

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