Show Your Thinking

BobbyThis is why the nuns used to rap my knuckles with a yardstick.

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  1. Michael Anderson says:

    The teacher is wrong. The price of copper is currently $2.21 per lb. and it only takes 154 pennies to make a pound. Thus, the true value of 30 pennies is $.43. Next question.

  2. gjrebane says:

    The first question was NOT about whose coinage has more value if the *money* is illegally melted into their constituent metals and these sold at current commodity prices. Besides having to use the nominal values of the indicated coins, the focus of Bob’s post was the humorous answer to the second question 😉

  3. Michael Anderson says:

    Made ya look.

  4. Chris Peterson says:

    Actually, the only class I ever had with Bob, he was the teacher’s pet.

  5. Greg Goodknight says:

    The expected answer to the Whole Math/Common Core ‘show your thinking’ demand is to draw a picture. At Bobby’s level, maybe showing 40 boxes in 4 columns of 10, and a big box of 30 little boxes. This is ridiculed as “rote understanding” by the university mathematicians I know and is Eye-dentical to the “math” Hennessey Elementary School was dishing out starting about 1995, lasting the better part of a decade. Common Core brought it back.

    Kudos to Bobby for an out of the box answer.

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