Sweet Womb Alabama

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  1. Steven Frisch says:

    I kind of miss southern rock.

    • RL CRABB says:

      Having lived and traveled extensively through the South in my younger days, I am saddened by their regression to “the good ol’ days”. Even though I encountered racism like I’d never seen growing up in California, there were the seeds of change sprouting all over Dixie back then. Jimmy Carter was Governor. Maynard Jackson was elected Mayor of Atlanta. The Allman Brothers ruled the airwaves. Old habits (and prejudices) die hard.

      • Steven Frisch says:

        Well it’s not just the south my friend.

        As a kid growing up in Chicago and traveling regularly to the south to visit family I can honestly say that although the racism and segregation had a different accent it was just as virulent in Bridgeport, Cicero and Marquette Park.

        The thing that really disturbs me is that some people are so skilled at using racial resentment to exacerbate feelings of insecurity in order to gain power and influence that it is almost invisible to the targets of the strategy.

        I see a lot of that around here today, not getting called what it really is, racism.

        • Chris Peterson says:

          When Rev. King moved north to expand the scope of his ministry, he was amazed at the deep bigotry he found in the northern cities and one that was not based on the observed human interactions in the south, but more of a pure hatred for the concept of equality itself. It was the most blatant NIMBY the nation had ever seen, as most northerners were fine with opposition to the slow-burning ignorance and bigotry of the south until forced to view themselves in the same mirror.

  2. Chris Peterson says:

    Man creates his Gods; there’s no doubt of it in my mind. Our next intellectual evolution should be to remove all gods from religion; no more popes, priests, or legislatures telling us what their personal “He” would have us do. A social order based on a consensus of morality rather than modern mythology.

    Col. Robert Ingersol tells us in one of his many lectures that the reason God and religion were left out of our Constitution was not that the founding fathers were so enlightened, but simply that none of the major religions of the day were willing to allow the others any power in our government. And while that compromise may be working on a national scale, certain states are being run by religious factions, either in cahoots or in plain rejection of other religions, and most certainly in opposition to any who reject such profound social idiocy.
    Any god who demands the pregnancy of a rape victim be taken to full term is a god who condones the rape in the first place. And any person who worships such a god is, and always has been, a plague upon humanity.

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