TCM Remembers

I don’t get TCM anymore, but I was happy to find their annual tribute to the film industry’s departed souls on Youtube. We never knew them, but many were as familiar as our closest friends…

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  1. Chris Peterson says:

    In watching this, I kinda’ get the feeling that I’m starting to overstay my welcome.

    • steve cottrell says:


      I know what you mean. My mom died of cancer at 41 and my dad from his one and only heart attack at 51. I’m 72 and thankful each morning to open my eyes and realize I’m still among the living.

      • Chris Peterson says:

        “One and only heart attack” sounds like the way to go. And, although I’m in no hurry, I have to admit that I’m very curious about what awaits. Seems there as many scenarios as there are people with an opinion.
        My Mom was a Christian Scientist, my Dad was a mathematician, and I have come to a soul conclusion that energy is omnipresent. In a best-case scenario, an existence of non-separation would be an improvement over this it’s-all-about-me-ism.
        Cheers, and keep waking with that smile.

  2. Michael Anderson says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Bob. Lots of wonderful performance/story memories here–so many entertainment greats left us in 2014. Let’s hope 2015 is a little less hungry.

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