The Drawing Board

Drawing BoardBack in 1970 I naively entered this drawing contest to see if I had any artistic abilities, but the only thing I got was a visit from a salesman who convinced me to enroll in a mail order art school. My parents sprung for the tuition and I actually completed several lessons before becoming bored and dropping out.

The only thing left from that chapter of my education is this drawing board. After I became serious about becoming a cartoonist, it became the platform where my fevered imagination could take flight. Over the years, I used it to create over 1500 daily strips, 1100+ weekly strips, 500+ comic book pages, and countless posters, designs and doodles.

The corners have long since worn off and it is covered with the scars of a thousand Xacto cuts. Still, I can’t bring myself to replace it.

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3 Responses to The Drawing Board

  1. Eric Bare says:

    When you replace something is when it wont work anymore!

  2. Michael R. Kesti says:

    What? No T-square and triangles?

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