The Empire Strikes Back

Empire Mine Petition484As you may have heard, the state is considering dumping the Empire Mine State Park, due to the high cost of toxic clean-up related to its mining history. Many of us old timers are outraged by this slight to our mining heritage, including Virginia Brunini, who has taken it upon herself to write up a petition to present to the legislature. She will be outside the Grass Valley SPD Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 5. Don’t let her get too lonely out there by herself…

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  1. Chris Peterson says:

    Back in the early sixties, when we lived out at the end of Butler Road at the Eric Rood Estate, my Dad was looking for a larger home for our growing family. One of the places we were shown was the Empire mansion which, at the time, was listed for sale at $149.000. That price included the 13 acres surrounding it. My Dad was seriously considering buying it, but he decided against it because the only heat was from the fireplace, and my Mom didn’t like the kitchen.
    He instead bought a new home on 10 acres out Bitney Springs Road for $10K more, and the State bought the Empire mansion for $2 million the next year.
    Guess we dodged a bullet on that one. Yar.

  2. San French says:

    Dude, you’re really racking up the press time these days. First City Hall, now this! Mighty proud son, mighty proud.

  3. San French says:

    PS ~ Virginia should come over to Nevada City SPD where all the really cool peeps buy their groceries and sign petitions. I just never get over to GV these days. Can I sign anywhere else? Web site?

  4. San French says:

    Thanks Bob..let’s hope for the best. For this gem to be taken from the people would be so very criminal.

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