The War

A few days from now will mark the second anniversary of the passing of my good friend, Doc Halstead. Doc was the lead singer of the Carrie Nation band back in the nineteen seventies, but before that he served in Vietnam, earning two purple hearts before returning to civilian life. He didn’t talk about it much, but the first song he ever wrote was “The War,” which was adapted by the band in their live performances. Given the escalating conflict in the Middle East, the song seems more appropriate than ever.

I apologize for the rough mix. The song was recorded directly from the mixing board of Alex Cooley’s Electric Ballroom in 1975. By some miracle I was able to hold on to the cassette for 40 years. Now it can be digitized for the ages. Happy Thanksgiving all…

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3 Responses to The War

  1. Terry says:

    Crabby, was there supposed to a link to the song? If so I must have missed it…

  2. Steven Frisch says:

    You guys were great. Never heard the band but the style took me back to my youth.

    Which one are you in the photo Bob? (If you are in the photo.)

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